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Google Nexus One phone launched

Powered with Google Android 2.1 and built externally by HTC, Google’s new phone Google Nexus One is released today. Its a well-designed phone with the latest and best version of Android platform, the combination of both surely gives a tough challenge to the present smartphones, i.e. Apple iPhone, Nokia N97, HTC Touch Diamond, Google Android G1 etc. Here are the […]

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Nikon D3 Digital Camera Review

Nikon D3 is one of the best SLR cameras around which clicks the best full frame digital photographs. The old glass design of Nikon cameras is repeated in this DSLR camera Nikon D3, and still has the name of one of the fastest SLR cameras available in the market, giving the tough competition to brands like Canon, and other SLR […]

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Mag Pix 1080p Mini Camcorder

Mag Pix 1080p Mini Camcorder

In the competition and level series of Flip Mino and Mino HD camcorders, Mag Pix is another camcorder which gives a good race in the field. It comes with a 5-megapixel camera for video recording. Its Mag Pix 1080p mini camcorder. It has a capability to record long videos at full 1080p resolution. And the design of the camcorder is […]

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Wikimedia reaches target of $7.5 million donation

Wikimedia reaches target of $7.5 million donation

Wikipedia, the largest online information resource has been running non-profit, without a single ad, since years and holds the position as one of the highest viewed sites on the web. But it runs on donations from people and organizations, as there are no options from which it has earned any revenue. Its a non-profit site for always. Wikimedia Founder Jimmy […]

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