Add more than one homepage in Firefox 3

Usually people use a single homepage in their browsers, mostly in firefox. This might be because they usually prefer only one page in their browser, or they don’t know how to have more than one homepage in the browser.

Its a very easy trick to have as many as homepages in your browser open at a time when you click on the Home button. I usually have my yahoo mail link, my blog admin link, and digg homepage link all together opened when i open firefox. As these are the pages i usually would check first when i log on to my laptop. You want to have the same in your firefox browser? Check this -
(I have tried this and worked on Firefox 3 version, not sure about the primitive versions..)

Click on Firefox menu, and select “Preferences”. Then go the “Main” tab.
Here is what you will find in there -

firefox multiple homepages
And here you would see the “Home Page:” section filled with 2 different URLs having a | in between them. That is what separates them and lets firefox open them when you click on the Home button.
And so you can have as many URLs in the home page section. A quite interesting and useful option.

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