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Apple iPhone 3G battery problems reported

So the Apple iPhone 3G which was released yesterday and every Apple store filled with buyers got couple bad shots already.
First, it was unsatisfied customers who could not get their networks activated easily when the phone was just released.. But i have made a list of tips to improve battery life of Apple iPhone.

And now, the battery has become an issue of concern.
Browsing through twitter i was completely eaten up with everyone posting just about iPhone and its features, app installations etc. And between all that, there were hundreds of updates complaining about the poor battery life of the iPhone 3G version. Had apple not checked about that before releasing the new version.

Here are a few quick updates from people in twitter who just are sad due to the poor battery life, some also assuming as AIM eating up more battery.

Robert Occhialini

I think the only thing I am worried about after one day with iPhone 2.0 is battery life. It seems like it’s going to be an issue.


is enjoying 3g speed and gps but is appalled by the battery drain

Paul Colligan

So my v1 iPhone with v2 software had a dead battery this morning (75% full last night). Recharging … anyone heard of anything like this.

Mike Roselius

Pandora for the iPhone is amazing. 2.0 firmware on the old phone tho… Battery life seems worse. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Peter Bault

hmm something was seriously draining my iPhone battery last night. not sure what..


The new iPhone Aps Store is the world’s greatest time–and iPhone battery–waster ever invented. iPhone Scrabble!

James S Turner

got the new iPhone. pretty cool but sucks down the battery.

Steve Elsbury

iPhone 2 battery does not last very long. Granted I have been using the apps at lot but they are there to be used.

Michael Reeve

iPhone 3G seems to eat battery. That’ll be the 3G then. Will undertake further testing in due course.

Andy Peatling

iPhone 3g battery life charts are a little worrying, phew!

Bill Miranda

@jabancroft not sure I agree. I updated firmware on old iPhone and battery life is less.


After a day with the new iPhone, I can say that I’m glad I bought it. But damn, Mossberg was right — the battery life on this thing is bad.

Nick Starr

“iPhone 3G battery down to 20%, after normal usage. I am going to need to carry my charger with me all the time…”

So how is Apple going to deal with this one?
I have seen 1:50 good:bad reviews of the apple battery everywhere.. Lets see if Apple is going to try to fix this issue or just don’t care!

apple iphone 3G


  1. The Unlocked Iphone owners never complain about anything :D

  2. True, as it were the 2G version handsets which never gave any problem!

  3. Had same battery problem this morning as Paul Colligan but mine won’t recharge

  4. Sure the battery on iPhone 3G is not that great, but what can we do? We want small size phones, powerful features and lengthy battery life.

    Just get a backup battery. I got mine from iPhoneck brands. Their new 3G backup battery is probably one of the better looking products in the market. Their website is

  5. Seems that a battery problem has been identified if you are connecting to Exchange 2003 causing a very quick discharge – 2-3 hours.

  6. Invariably, I put my iPhone on the charger before going to bed. This time, I didn’t – witht the alarm set on – and I woke up on my own with a dead iPhone 3G. No apps were on that I know of except the alarm. 3G was off, wifi on, and fetch was off also. What gives? My 2G never had this problem.

  7. I have a brand new iPhone and the battery run down and heat started last week. Spoke with the dealer and they didn’t have a clue and then spoke with Apple Customer Service; they were slightly more helpful. I was asked about a skin for my iPhone and that it shuoldn’t be charged with the skin on, that is just silly.

    My wife has the exact same phone with skin and she doesn’t have any issues. It turns out it is Safari running constantly in the background that was draining my battery. Rebooting the iPhone fixes this.

    I have turned off push for mail and set fetch data to 15 min, turned off auto join networks, and disabled location services (this will prompt you to enable it if an app tries to use it).

    Now I get 2 days of battery life on my phone and I use Google instead of Safari.

  8. I have recently purchased Apple Iphone 3gs and i am facing problem with Battery draining fastly..battery comes to 50 it drips slow than when it’s 100 it comes to low ..

    Let me know what is the solution for this.

  9. I just changed the skin on my iphone after a year to the rubbery backed one and put on a crystal film. This was a change from a hard clear plastic shell. Well, don’t you know, the battery is draining VERY rapidly with the change in skins. What gives?

  10. i just had my iphone 3gs after a full nite charge and i just get it battery starts to fall(drain) in minutes and i dont know if it is a fault

  11. I too suddenly see that my Iphone 3G battery drains very fast. I am on 3.0.1. Not even able to hold on for 4 hrs on a 100% charge. Any ideas as to what mite be wrong ….?

  12. i have recently purchased apple Iphone. I have problem with battery. i put always full night charges, when i start using call phone or website the battery falldown within 20 minites, and it says baterry low. iam sure the Iphone batery is not great at all, apple they made more advertice and les quility

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