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Apple iPhone 4S Camera Features

By on October 4, 2011 in Apple with 3 Comments

The new iPhone, i.e. the iPhone 4S is launched in the Apple event named the Let”s Talk iPhone, and apart from the internal specs of the phone, one of the highlights was the camera of the iPhone, which has an 8MP sensor. The iPhone 4 had a 5MP camera with a flash, and things now got better in the iPhone 4S. With the 8MP camera, it has got the best quality image and video capturing capacity.

iphone 4s 8 megapixel camera

The iPhone 4S camera can take the images in the fastest way, thanks to the A5 chips in the new iPhone and with that, the iPhone 4S beats the other large phones like the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Droid Bionic in the time frame of capturing and recording the images in the device. The image captured would be of dimensions 3264 x 2448 pixels. It has got a face detection technology. CMOS backside illuminated sensor — gets 73% more light than the iPhone 4 sensor, and 1/3rd faster. On top of that, we place a high-end IR filter for greater accuracy and uniformity. The lens system has got 5 lens elements, and f2.4 one where people can see more light.

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apple iphone 4s camera video recording

Video recording from the iPhone 4S camera:
The camera of the iPhone 4S would be capturing videos at 1080p HD quality, with the real-time image stabilization in the video, and real-time temporal noise reduction. This is the first time the iPhone would be giving a 1080p quality HD video recording.

The iPhone 4 camera had been the best camera on Flickr this year, and with the entry of the iPhone 4S, there would be a new gadget on the top now. 8MP camera, 1080p HD video, what else does one need from a smartphone camera?

Check out the Live updates of the Apple event, and the launch of the new iPod Nano and the Announcement of the iPhone 4S.

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  1. shenoyjoseph says:

    i want to know have they added adobe flash support, home screen wallpaper mode and expandable memory card slot?

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