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Apple iPod Nano 4G review – World’s thinnest iPod

new ipod nanoLast month, the new iPod nano 4G was released into the market by Apple Inc. and they were praised and chosen by many gadget lovers, than the other iPods. This is because it has almost double the things that the previous generation iPod had.

Design and features of the iPod Nano 4G
As you would see, it’s the thinnest iPod ever by Apple and so the thinnest in the world. Its just 6.2mm thick and the whole body on the front and back, including the screen, is curved. As we expect, there are only the improvements that we can see in any apple product, this iPod also has nothing deducted from the previous version, except the size.

The body is made of Aluminum and is having the click wheel in the center to change the songs and volume control. It features 24 hours of battery life and break-free playback for long hours.
The screen is 2 inch wide and has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, and it has an accelerometer that allows to switch the screen to watch videos.

This thinner and lighter iPod is available in various colors like Black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, violet.

Other features
One of the best features added in this time, is “Shake to Shuffle”, which just needs you to Shake a bit and the song changes randomly. iTunes comes with a new Genius feature which is there in the iPod nano. There is a 30-pin iPod dock connector which helps in connecting it with any of the other portable devices like stereo speakers, car audio devices etc.

ipod nano new

The new UI has longer menus, icons next to songs and full sized album art. Photos and video can be displayed in landscape mode. If you push and hold the center button, you get a pop-up menu with Genius, add to on-the-go, browse album and browse artist. Similar to the scheme you have in the iPod Touch/iPhone now.

The iPod Nano 4G is environment-friendly
Arsenic-free Glass
Highly recyclable

Price of the iPod Nano 4G
$149 for the 8GB model, $199 for the 16GB model.

My rating for the Apple iPod Nano 4G – [Rating:4/5]


  1. Varun where can i sell my old ipod and get this new one? Find me a buyer asap :D

  2. looks great.
    I think I made hurry – bought old ipod before 2 months. :(

  3. WOW this one is kool

    although i have a 160gb One, but some times its irritating as i dont like carrying a lot of load :)

    would love to buy a sleek one :)

  4. @Amar: I think the sale of iPod with 160 GB capacity is discontinued since long. When did you buy it?

  5. @Amit Bhawani: Try it on eBay.

  6. This is so cool! only for $149 Very affordable! It’s 4 GIG hehehe :p

  7. @chetan

    I bought the 160Gb ipod Last September ( 2007 ).. And i didnt know that they stopped selling it :O

  8. Hey chetan

    what is that comment below BM??

    Is it ping or something?

  9. Man i love it with good head set for songs,but cant seem to figure out how to make it play video and watch movies yet…
    Help me out?

  10. @chief,

    The iPod 4G plays only mp4 format movies. If you have any other format movies, just convert them to mp4 with the help of any tool and then while syncing the ipod with itunes, drag the mp4 video files into the iPod Movies folder and you can play the movies.

    Try it, and let me know if you got it. If still could not understand i can show it with a tutorial.

  11. This article is showing pictures for the second generation iPod nano instead of the fourth generation.

  12. haha i was gonna ask mom for one for bday (april) but i wanted a better one now i got one for christmas and its wayyyy better!! :) that just is proof patience pays off

  13. hey i would love to get a ipod nano. i have always wanted one. Who is selling one cheap but it has to be kinda new still no scratches or anything.

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