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How to become a reputable blogger with well known blog?

The competition in the blogosphere for every aspect, every niche just for traffic and its resulting leads is on such a rise that its not easy to get yourself into the top of everything.
Making your blog reputable and well known, talked by others need some good and unique work from your side, or you too would be a part of millions of other blogs starving for good amount of traffic.


Here is a list of things you have to do to make your blog well known in the blogosphere for your particular niche.

  1. Build backlinks – This is always quite essential, and get backlinks from good websites!
  2. Link internally – You have a good blog with good topics written, but every visitor that comes to your blog does not roam around for long, until you internally link the posts in other posts. They would then feel that you have more things to offer for them to read. Similar posts plugin, or contextually linking posts within the post helps.
  3. Don’t link to bad websites – Forget being greedy. You need popularity! Many bloggers don’t care about the quality of the blog and just accept the money they get to link to some irrelated websites in their posts. This is the reason why visitors don’t stay for long.
  4. Build networks – Networking with other bloggers helps a lot. You get mentioned by them sometimes, and you mention about them. And always, more hands together helps a lot.
  5. Commenting on other blogs – This is the secondary part of networking. Regularly commenting on other blogs where you seem to get some good exposure is a good way of making your blog get new visitors.
  6. Don’t just submit to social media sites – This is a big mistake people do. Just submit their links and leave, for a backlink. You should stay there, and increase the conversations, and participate in the discussions so that people feel your presence. Just submitting a story for a link is stupidity.
  7. Guest posting – Posting in other very popular blogs like Problogger, John Chow, Tyler Cruz etc. will be a good platform for you to get exposure. People would actually get to know about you and would be interested in subscribing to your blog if your guest posts were well appreciated by their readers.
  8. Participate in blog camps – One small session given by you in a blog camp with hundreds of bloggers, would change your online presence. You would be instantly linked and talked about for that good piece of time they spent in that session and learned something good.
  9. Press release – Press releases are a way of getting well noticed. And its not only done when a new blog is launched. Any major tweaks in your blog or network deserves a press release, and many major bloggers follow press release and blog about it if interesting.
  10. Develop uniqueness in writing – Not just like thousands others, you should be unique in writing something and offer content which is never covered before by others.
  11. Don’t hide your identity – Be open. Hiding your identity would just lose people’s trust on you and your blog. Am talking about the Whois Data, making something easy for people to contact you.
  12. Be open with people – Don’t just be upto a point, prove it with any instances if you know. This would make people think that you have good points to be strong about.
  13. Participate in forums – Forum members who seek business with people would like bloggers who are active at forums too. Become a good unique blogger and be active at forums. Your blog would be well appreciated and known there.
  14. Write e-books that people really read – Write some ebooks with core topics which people sit and dedicate time to read. Ebooks get popular very easily if offered for free and many blogs mention about you and your ebook if its worth it.
  15. Make your readers come back – Use RSS feed options available for your readers, who can come back regularly to read the stuff that you write.
  16. Update very regularly – You should be updating your blog very regularly to gain more visitors and returning people. You would lose the reader-base if not regularly writing and updating.

Know of any good points for addition.. Please comment!


  1. Excellent list mentioned here some of which are my favourite are hiding the identity which i have seen especially most indians do in order to get a name of a US guy to make themself look smart but originally lose trust within their network as a dual-profile is more dangerous than useful. Also social sites submission does harm in long run.

  2. Excellent post! I’ve been blogging about six months, have 99 posts and will be celebrating my 100th this weekend. I average about 30 hits a day but got 800 one day by a comment and link I seeded on another blog. My friend Hugh MacLeod at is rated in the top 500 world blogs and is publishing a book based on his blog in the spring. His success keeps my spirit alive and gives me something to shoot for. I love it!

  3. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to update often. Nobody wants to read a blog that isn’t updated. Constantly putting out fresh content is a sure fire way to keep readers coming back for more.

  4. Updating a blog is necessary, but sometime it’s become harder if we have several blogs to maintain, it’s a little pain. But, there’s no choices, it’s a duty :)

  5. one of the things that i have tried experimenting is the guest posting and i think it is working. also i agree on building your own identity in a certain forum – once people come to know you, links and traffic will follow easily.

  6. about ebook I think the quality content really count. Some I have got really bored me.

  7. Nice list of things to do get to a reputable position, but what i really think is important is given in the 10, 11, 15 & 16 points mentioned in the post, about the presence of uniqueness in your is the most important aspect as people want to read something diffrent not the same thing which they read in the previous site they visited.

    And the other point about not hiding your identity is most important and one point to be noted is that we have to be seen witht the same name or username everywhere so that it is easy to identify, so dont go with multiple usernames.

    Updating very regularly makes your visitors visit your site regularly for new things and also for increasing your subscriptions.

    “All the best for everyone in becoming a reputable blogger”

  8. I have read some real good ebook and some that is real boring. I know I can’t write any ebook. As for forum I am kind of stay out now.

  9. Chetan, i almost do all of these practices,, but i didnt know about some of them.. but after reading this one,, i will make sure that i do the remaining ones :)

  10. Chetan, have you written an e-book

    I wanna write one but dont know where can i do it

  11. Chetan if you write one I love to read it.

  12. No. 14 and 15 is hard for me, due to my poor english, but hopefully I can improve on it.

  13. Wow! You made it very simple and it is really good. It helps me alot and give me some ideas on how to make my blog better. But still I need all your help. Please tell me if whats lacking in my blog and what needs to improve please. I really do need your help. Here’s the link Hope you visit it and please leave some comment. Thank you and God bless.

  14. Great list you have mentioned there. Covered almost everything that a blogger needs to know to make himself famous.

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