How to block popup windows in Google chrome browser

Popup windows with those freaking marriage and friendfinder ads are sometimes very disturbing when you are in middle of something and they pop out when you open a website. It feels really nasty. Why not just block those popups?

There is an option in Safari, Firefox and also in Google chrome but you can set it by following these steps -
(Normally people reported that the option is already selected in the browser, but still why not check it?)

Open the Google chrome browser.

Then go the right menu, and click on it to see a list of options as given below. You will have to select the “Options” one to open its window.

In the options window, you would see 3 tabs – Basic, Minor Tweaks and Under the Hood. Select the tab “Under the Hood” and open it. In this, you will see a set of options like Network settings, Security settings and Web content settings. In the web content settings, mark the option “Notify me when a pop-up is blocked.”

This will block the pop-up to appear right between your work and a tab appears in the bottom of the browser just above the status bar. And you can either leave it and when you close the website to which the pop-up belongs, then it will automatically disappear. If you wish to view that pop-up, then click on the tab twice and it opens.(Click on the image to enlarge it)

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