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Suppose you see some big shopping mall near your locality, you will not see it directly built and opened, there will be boards and advertisements already before it is built, and these boards show “Opening shortly – A great shoppi…”, this actually gets some good talks and people already talk about it and keep in mind to give a visit there in future when it is built.
The same is with some big companies which try to launch their online ventures. First they keep the site under construction and prefer to show the visitors how good the launch is going to be. Its now easy for the company blogs, when you will see this theme called the LaunchPad wordpress theme.

I have recently seen an Indian guide website which is going to launch in the starting of June and they have already got some good buzz around, mostly due to this theme which acts as a pre-launch plan, where you can gain subscribers too, who are eager to see the actual portal live and don’t want to miss any part of the launch of the website. It shows in that site that they are going to launch their portal in a particular time, and there is a countdown time setup, which shows how much time is left for the official launch. The visitors who reached there before the official launch would be happy with this announcement and would either subscribe or just bookmark the page for later reference.

There would be very less number of big companies being launched in an online basis, and for them this might be a must if you already need some good buzz and subscribers. Things like these would get more traffic as many would talk about it, and also few might blog about the releasing of this new portal or company. So check the theme out, its simply superb.

Check out how it looks, and how it impresses a visitor making him bookmark or subscribe.

launchpad wordpress theme

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