How to change the default search engine in Google Chrome

Google chrome is Google’s browser right? So everything you see would be mostly related to Google in the beginning and so the default search engine in Chrome is Google. But not every chrome user is a google lover and so he would love to have Yahoo/Wikipedia or any local search engine as their default one.

So here is how to change the default search engine in Google chrome browser -

Go to the address bar and right click when you are on it, you get a small set of options.

In that, select the last option “Edit Search Engines…”, and there you will see a list of default search engines and you can add a new search engine of your choice.

The search engine is added with a title, URL and keywords. There is also an option of “Suggestion Service” which you can use to help complete searches and URLs typed into the address bar.
After the search engine is added, you will have to check that and select “Make Default” in the right menu.

You are done.

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