Video Monday 6 – Create a custom wordpress landing page template

So this is the 6th video in the wordpress video series. And this is from which gives a good example of how to create a custom landing page in wordpress platform, and have that page as default homepage of your blog.

WordPress is a platform which can be played too easily once you understand it. And wordpress can be used not only by bloggers but affiliate marketers who want to make a custom landing page in their blog. In this video, you would be shown -
How to create a page of HTML with content and design that you wish, in Microsoft Frontpage and then take the HTML code, and paste it in a new file, upload it to your wordpress theme directory. While making the new page in wordpress blog, select this page template to open. And you can set this page as a static homepage for your blog, unlike the other normal blogs. It can be done in settings of the blog under the “Reading” section.

Pretty easy to understand video tutorial. Check the video and you would easily get it.

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