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How to delete a group on Facebook?

facebookRecently i had shared the tip on how to create a group on facebook. Now, not all the facebook groups stay forever and most of them just don’t run well and some are misused by members.

One of those at Yahoo answers asked –
I had a good facebook group running about my school students, and some of them used weird photos and misused the group, so i just wanna delete the group. Is there a way to do so?

Practically there is no direct way or single button option to delete a facebook group that you created.
But there is an indirect option –

Delete all the group members including yourself, and make the group empty. The group will automatically be deleted.
This is because Facebook staff periodically checks for any empty and inactive facebook groups and delete them if there are no members in it. So just deleting the members in the group would help you out in getting the group deleted sooner or later.


  1. lol not that I was actively searching for this, but I do have a few FB groups that need deleting. Thanks!

  2. I deleite my account in fb and I need to deleite this group also but i can’t.
    if you help me on this i will be so thankful

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