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dogpile logoDogpile is one more search engine that draws and decides the results of searches from other search engines just like Fuzzfind but the algorithm is entirely different. Fuzzfind included social bookmarking websites into the search results too, but here, only the relevancy from search engines is shown.

The algorithm that dogpile uses here is Metasearch which includes averaging the search results of 6 search engines into one, and trying to bring out the best results. According to Searchenginewatch, Dogpile had made many algorithmic changes, some of which are -

  • Improvements in the blending of results
  • Tabbed search categories on the home page
  • The launch of a SearchSpy social networking widget for Netvibes or iGoogle
  • Deep links – This is similar to Google Sitelinks

And their mascot Arfie, is a dog is being always shown with some messages to save wildlife etc. Some of the glances on the homepage that i could capture are -

dogpile arfie messagedogpile arfie messagedogpile arfie message

Dogpile pulls results from 6 other search engines, including Google, Yahoo! Search, Live Search,, About and others. Its the best results seeing whether the website in search results is present, and in which search position it is located in every search engine.

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