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Download free funny smiles icons pack

Quite some time and we had not shared any good freebies with you, so here is one of the best icon packs. Its a funny smiles icons pack which can be helpful in using with your funny blog posts or in humor blogs and websites. The below picture would show you how cool the icons are.

These icons are 128 x 128 pixels and are all in same colors with funny and weird expressions. These are 20 icons and come in .png and .ico extensions. You can download these funny smiles icons pack from the following places –
Link 1
Link 2

Here is an image to the icons pack –
funny smiles icons


  1. Welcome back to blogging! We missed your insights while you were gone. :)

  2. The smiles are really cool =) I will use them on some of my feature sites.

  3. was not able to download now as this probs occured :-

    “The limit of traffic for your country is exceeded. Please retry later.”

    but will download it laterz … the smiles icons are cool .. will b helpful sometimes for sure ;)

  4. LOving the smiley think there really great. My friends are getting really annoyed as i won’t tell them where to get them :o)

  5. hey thanks for those smiles chetan, they make me laugh and will make others laugh too :)

    Hehe thanks again

  6. thanks mate been looking for these for a while

  7. Thank you for these icons, they’re so cute and funny!! :)

  8. Thank’s !!!! Its very Funny !

  9. oh wow this is very cool icon.
    we want more :D

  10. It’s uncommon smiles!!!!! THanx!!!!

  11. Destiny Bicknese :


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