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Download Woothemes Ultimate icon pack for free

Woothemes, a well known theme designer brand has released its first icon pack, and as I am a good fan of the designs and work there, I downloaded the icon pack right away and also am happy to share them with my readers. There are 79 beautiful icons in the set you are downloading.

Here’s what Adii Rockstar says –

This is the first release of the WP WooThemes Ultimate Icon Set and the idea is to expand and build on the set (which contains 79 icons at the moment) in the coming months. The free download contains all 79 icons, sized at 256×256 pixels and available in both PNG and GIF formats. As an added bonus to the users, they will also be able to download Nishan’s Illustrator file, which will give them high-res, vector copies of the icons.

woothemes ultimate icon pack

The icons are so beautifully designed and you can reduce the size of each, according to your need and its good that the size is 256 x 256 pixels that can be helpful for many things including direct use as images in posts. And as this is the first release, we expect many future good releases from Woothemes.

You can download the free Ultimate Icon Pack set from here.


  1. Woothemes make so cool things lately. I can’t their next premium themes. While waiting probably I’ll implement some of this icons on my blogs =)

  2. SEO Tips South Africa :

    I am busy playing with a Woothemes theme, VibrantCMS, for an organic soil ameliorates company I’ve got a vested interest in, so these will complement my current endeavours nicely! Woothemes is the brainchild of a fellow South African, Adii Rockstar, and I am proud to support them and vouch for their cool products!

  3. @SEO Tips South Africa, yep Adii produces really some cool products for WordPress and his clients would always be satisfied with his work :)

  4. Haha definitely in for this. I am so into collecting icons these days. Who knows I might need them for designing some day?

  5. Welll coo, this is a much appreciated icon set, i have used Woothemes in the past and do love most of the stuff that they produce :o)

  6. Great Collection, Really cool I like ,very nice thanks for sharing

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