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How to Enable and Setup iCloud on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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Once you click on Merge, the bookmarks would turn on and the syncing would automatically turn on. And from now, the bookmarks on your iPad would be syncing automatically with the iCloud bookmarks list.

icloud ipad turning on bookmarks 2

Once done with the bookmark setting, you will need to confirm whether to set the “Find my iPad” or “Find my iPhone” on, and this would be based on the location services. Before you allow the location services, the Find my iPad or iPhone app feature would be turned off.

icloud ipad location settings allow icloud find my ipad activated 4

Starting the iCloud backup – The iCloud backup service would backup the data from your iOS device to the iCloud servers instead of the computer. The iCloud automatically backs up the camera roll, the accounts and documents, the settings of the iOS device whenever the device is connected to the Wi-Fi. Once you start the backup service, the backing up of the data to computer stops.

icloud ipad storage and backup

Turning the iCloud on would make the setting on, and then you can hit on “Back up now” to start the backup, and then the “Storage and backup” page would show the total storage, available storage for the device and the history of backups done, with the information about the date and time. You could buy and upgrade the storage.

turn on icloud backup

You can stop the iCloud backup at any time if you wish to have the backups happening to the computer rather than to the iCloud servers. Selecting the option would then activate the automatic backup of the data to the computer whenever the iOS device is connected to the computer through the iTunes.

stop icloud backup

You can choose to automatically sync and backup the apps, music, documents and any other related file systems in the iOS device to be backed up on timely basis or whenever it is connected to the iTunes through the USB connection. The backup to the iCloud server would still need the Wi-Fi connection on.

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