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Facebook Emoticons List – Smileys for Comments in Facebook

By on October 20, 2012 in Facebook with 0 Comments

Facebook has started including the emoticons for people to insert while placing any comments on someone’s status messages and group posts in the social network. Earlier it was just the text emoticons that was possible, but now it is those similar to what you see in the Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger, and this surely adds some color to the comments. To use these emoticons, the shortcut codes are to be used and these are generally the same text codes that we used on the messengers.

Below is a list of emoticons that can be used in Facebook when you are commenting on anyone’s status message, or posts in groups or pages.

Emoticon Smiley - Angel Angel Emotion O:-)
Emoticon Smiley - Confused Confused Emotion o.O
Emoticon Smiley - Crying Crying Emotion :'(
Emoticon Smiley - Tash Tash Emotion :3
Emoticon Smiley - Devil Devil Emotion 3:-)
Emoticon Smiley - Sad Sad Emotion 🙁
Emoticon Smiley - Gasp Gasping Emotion :-O
Emoticon Smiley - Glasses Glasses Emotion 😎
Emoticon Smiley - Grin Grin Emotion 😀
Emoticon Smiley - Grumpy Grumpy Emotion >:-(
Emoticon Smiley - Heart Heart Emotion <3
Emoticon Smiley - Happy Happy Emotion ^_^
Emoticon Smiley - Kiss Kiss Emotion :-*
Emoticon Smiley - Pacman Pacman Emotion :v
Emoticon Smiley - Penguin Penguin Emotion <(”)
Emoticon Smiley - Chris Putnam Chris Putnam Emotion :putnam:
Emoticon Smiley - Robot Robot Emotion :|]
Emoticon Smiley - Shark Shark Emotion (^^^)
Emoticon Smiley - Smile Smile Emotion 🙂
Emoticon Smiley - Squint Squint Emotion -_-
Emoticon Smiley - Sun glasses Sun Glasses Emotion 8-|
Emoticon Smiley - Sun Glasses Tongue Emotion 😛
Emoticon Smiley - Unsure Unsure Emotion :-/
Emoticon Smiley - Upset Upset Emotion >-:O
Emoticon Smiley - Wink Wink Emotion 😉
Emotion Smiley - 42 42 :42:


There are several other emoticons that we have seen on Facebook and there are a few tricks that people used to make many emoticons together to bring out certain shapes or expressions, but that always removes the beauty in the status messages and the comments. Still, for users who would want a few memes, here is the list:

Better then Expected [[256677457745924]]
Are you Serious? [[112680945523951]]
Anti-joke Chicken [[355178957849548]]
Challenge Expected [[391579167523258]]
Cool Story Bro [[302451776482112]]
Disapproval [[358205124200991]]
Happy Face [[255800484498056]]
I Lied [[350521391654191]]
Know All [[184073421695209]]
No Me Gusta [[149535571834373]]
Big Me Gusta [[293955833972970]]

These are all the direct codes and options to show the emoticons, memes and shapes in the comments and you don’t need to use any external scripts or add-ons on your browser for the same. There are several codes that you can use to make the comments look far better, and we would update this list with the same as soon as learn which ones are working perfectly on Facebook. To help us, you could also post the ones through comments.

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