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How to Fix Broken PlexConnect Apple TV Hack – Apple Configurator Utility

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When compared the other hack based app it seems that PlexConnect is far better method of getting Plex on your Apple TV. There is always a hide and seek game going on between Apple and Plex keeping the customers guessing all the time. Looking at the high interest level of the people in the project, hopefully Apple will come out with a SDK for the ATV in the future.

Here is how you can fix your broken PlexConnect just by following this steps –

  • Apple TV + SSL + PlexConnect – Apple configurator or iPhone Configuration utility, then a microUSB cable which will be attached to Apple TV and then following the instructions to update the PlexConnect software.
  • Creation of cert – run a command in the terminal window which will be creating 2 files on your desktop and follow some other steps to complete the cert creation.
  • Creating the profile – when you turn the supervision on you will see profiles appearing on your screen. There you need to click on the plus sign to create new profile.
  • Installing profile – Here also following some simple steps you will be able to install profiles
  • Putting it together – when everything is created and installed then you will have to put all of them together and run it. If you have done everything right then it will work otherwise just go through all the steps all over again carefully.

So, now when you have an idea about what to do then you will be able to fix the Apple TV hack.

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