Google ads pushed to left – Any impact?

googleGoogle has been trying for changes with its search engine, and the Caffeine Update by them, is an example for that. There you would see a few changes such as better abstractions or cleaner infrastructure, as said by Matt Cutts. By why isn’t Google keeping things to the developer site? Its instead trying out in the main site for experimentation.

The ads in the right side of the results page, have been shifted to left side with an idea of more exposure of the ads to the people searching for something. These ads now give a feeling of being similar to the normal search results, with a very small barrier between them, and a different width, of course!

Andy Beal gave a perfect example for what Techcrunch felt about it – “Hey, look at us!”
According to Google, the shift of ads to left is a way to display more options for what people are trying to find on the internet. Certainly Google wants to tell us that the ads are always relevant for what we are searching?

Though a few people commented that this change has been seen only in larger resolution monitors, and the smaller ones see the previous result pages and ads with no change.

Some of them are already not happy with it, and one of the users have created a script to Push Google Search Ads to Right as before. Lets see finally though, if this remains or shifts back to normal after the experiment.

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