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Google chrome for Mac and Linux by Mid-2009

google chrome ballThe version 2 of Google chrome in Windows, is into the developmental process and still no signs of Chrome in Mac and Linux OS had already raised questions in minds of Mac, Linux users whether Google has not cared about the good percentage of users who are not using Windows. But finally, answer from Google has come.

Accd. to Cnet,

Showing signs that it’s working to meet requests for new developments to its Chrome browser, Google on Friday said it hopes to release versions for Mac OS X and Linux by the first half of the year, and it released a new version Wednesday that paves the way for the most requested feature: extensions.

Brian Rakowski, Chrome’s product manager, said the company wants to release Chrome for Mac and Linux before the first half of 2009 is up.

According to the product manager, the initial stages have been done and the browser in Mac is able to open web pages but is not capable of doing anything further than that right now. But still, work being started already shows signs that it would be done very soon.

Come on Google, you had surprisingly released Chrome browser for Windows, and are keeping the Mac and Linux people waiting for the release.


  1. I am so excited to use Google Chrome in Ubuntu. Though I think there is hack where we can use Google Chrome in Ubuntu now. :)

  2. Yeah using wine. But I think I have also found another trick but I already forgot it. Still using Firefox here in my Ubuntu.

  3. With Firefox we don’t need the Google Chrome. So, this Google Chrome for Mac have time.

  4. “first half of 2009″?!? Are you kidding? This should have been released within days of the windows version.

  5. @Hussein: That’s the best one to use. Btw you not happy with Windows? or are more happy with Ubuntu?

    @graphics: That’s the biggest mistake Google did. People who have been waiting have already lost interest on it, and most of them have fixed to stay with Firefox, not caring about the time of release of Chrome for mac.

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