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How to block popups in Safari browser

Safari web browser was lately famous for being unsecured and unsafe for paypal and online transaction websites, so its also better if you block any popups that come with certain websites that you open. Why to be careless when you know what the problem already is?

So here is the easiest tip on how to block pop-ups in Safari browser in your apple macbook –

  1. Open your safari web browser.
  2. Here you will see the first text panel as “Safari” on the top beside the apple icon.
  3. Click on that and in the drop-down menu, go to preferences.
  4. In the preferences you will see a set of options, and headings.
  5. Click on the security headings, and in the options, mark on the option saying “Block pop-up windows”, by marking it, you will be asked whether to change the settings instantly.
  6. Click on OK, and then close the preferences folder.
  7. It is not required, but is good if you restart your Safari browser once.

And you are done.
Here is how the window of preferences with the Security options displayed –

safari preferences

Note – If you clicked on a link and it has to open with a popup, then it will open without any problem. The preference of blocking popup is only for those popups which are automatically opened with some websites which set them as ads.

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