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Why HP Slate device will be better than Apple iPad

Why HP Slate device will be better than Apple iPad

We always speak of competition, when it comes to Apple products. Like there’s always something released to beat the Apple iPhone but most of them fail. i.e. Google Nexus One, Google Android G1, HTC Touch Diamond, Nokia N97 etc. were all released but all of them could hardly reach the level where iPhone is, and such is the hype and feature advantage of Apple gadgets.

But the latest one, Apple iPad the tablet device is a disappointment if you ask me, and it has more disadvantages than one can ask for. Being an Apple fanboy, I still can speak more against the disappointing latest release from Apple. And it already has a competition which is being talked about since quite some time, the HP Slate tablet device.

Although its too early to talk about the HP Slate, because just its prototype is shown once, but it was promising enough. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, had shown the prototype at the CES 2010 and the features when compared, speak more than that of the Apple iPad. Here are a few points to talk about –

  • The iPad is based on the iPhone OS, but HP Slate is coming with Windows 7, the latest and best computer operating system from MS. So obviously, the interface and flexibility is not limited to usage like a phone device.
  • Multitasking will be possible in the Slate, but is not possible in iPad.
  • Multi-touch interface is seen in both the devices, but drag-and-drop options not seen in iPad. Not shown in the prototype, but it being Windows 7, the same feature should be available in Slate when launched.
  • Slate would be able to play flash videos, but not the iPad as there is no proper flash support.
  • The iPad will not be able to support any desktop-level apps, due to the OS and the specifications, but the Slate will be able to support them.

Those were the definitive reasons, but for my personal ask, I don’t like the sharp-edged iPad, so the curved edges in HP Slate is more impressive, and the key in bottom in the iPad says its just a stretched form of iPhone with no changes at all. The Amazon Kindle reader is another good device for e-book reading etc. when you compare it with the iPad.
More of the comparison can be seen when the HP Slate (with the Windows 7 OS in it) is released later this year.

Here is the video where Steve Ballmer shows the prototype of HP Slate device –


  1. With the Flash support for the OS of computers coming into the tablet devices, I agree that the HP slate is a lot better device, but multitasking? that’s possible in the iPad too. With the latest iOS the multitasking can be done, and is there any info on how much battery would the HP Slate provide? As iPad is still one of the best tablet devices with a 10-hour battery backup.

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