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How to import bookmarks into Google Chrome browser

Shifting to a new web browser needs many settings to be done before you are all set with it. You have to learn every thing in the new browser, like the keyboard shortcuts and other things. And most of all, you would need every bookmark that you had in the previous browser. And in Google chrome browser you would see an option with which you can import bookmarks from any of your previous browser, which can be Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

Here is a tutorial on how to import bookmarks and other content such as settings of search, saved passwords and history –

Open the Google chrome browser

Go to the right options menu and click on the “Import Bookmarks and Settings…” to start the importing of data from the other browsers. A pop-up appears with a set of options and for you to select the browser from which the data has to be imported.

The following things can be imported from the other web browser –

  • Favorites/Bookmarks
  • Search Settings
  • Saved Passwords
  • Browsing history

Select the ones you want to import and then click Import when you select the browser.

The import process completes very fast and you can stop the import if you need.

You can view the imported bookmarks in the right top of the browser as “Imported from ” under “Imported Bookmarks section.”


  1. Help! my window says I can only import bookmarks from IE. there is no option to select Firefox from drop down menu.

  2. I have the same problem, it won’t let me import from safari for windows.

  3. I think we will have to do it twice if we wanna import it from internet explorer and firefox..

    but never mind.. i dont think i will do it

    i love firefox

  4. cant I import my current google bookmarks (from IE) into goggle chrome?! seems bizarre if you cant!

  5. @Max: I have the same problem, chrome is not recognizing that I have Firefox installed.

  6. Can someone tell me why chrome is not downloading my passwords from IE? I imported it and everything but it’s not showing my passwords!

  7. Why does Chrome NOT import ALL my bookmarks?

  8. I don’t have an option for importing data from Flock.

  9. @lengthofwire: Me too. I imported all of my Firefox bookmarks after installing, but since then it fails to import new ones.

  10. we have the same problem! right now I just imported everything from firefox to IE to chrome… but not all my saved passwords were imported… darn…

  11. Thanks for sharing. Yet, there is another way to import bookmarks to Chrome. It’s Tidy Favorites. An easy tool that fulfills any task concerning working with bookmarks – export, import, back up, synchronization between browsers and PCs, etc.

  12. Thanks for the tip. It helped me in importing it from my FireFox.

  13. I can’t import my favorites to Chrome is osx developer edition, have you any sugestions

  14. Chrome crashed 4 times while trying to import the setting from Firefox, when it finally finished (on the 5th attempt) the bookmarks it had were from a year or more ago!?!? Hmmm, not impressed with it so far.

  15. sorry, but no matter what i did, my bookmarks from IE did NOT import…and i was getting really excited about using Chrome, but if i can’t get my bookmarks to come over then i think, well, this browser software is still in development and shouldn’t go live…

    back to IE i guess

  16. Revised steps to import Firefox 3.5 bookmarks into Chrome:

    1) In Firefox, select Bookmarks / Organize Bookmarks.
    2) Select Import and Backup
    3) Select Export HTML
    4) Enter file name for export.
    5) In Chrome, open Bookmark Manager. Select Tools / Import
    Bookmarks. Select file exported from step above.
    6) Chrome will place all these bookmarks in a folder called “Imported Bookmarks”. Use Bookmark Manager to drag and drop one or all items to rearrange location to your preference.

  17. Chrome for Mac refuses to import any settings from either Firefox or Safari. It simply hangs every time I try.

  18. How anyone could take seriously a browser that is unable to perform even this simple task is beyond me. It’s even worse when the OS is Vista where the import process only sees the Favorites folder.

    No doubt another of Google’s brilliant ideas which will be quietly dropped without announcement in a few months. And don’t ya just love the array of tools that the Chrome browser comes with! LMAO

  19. I’m using Google Crome version
    There is NO “Import bookmarks&settings” under Tool button.
    I had to go to Options/Personal Stuff/Import data.

    Thanks Tim, your comment is the best.

  20. go to Wrench, Options, Personal Data, then hit import. They should show up in your bookmarks (go to the bookmark manager [CTRL+SHIFT+B] to sort them into the toolbar an different menus)

  21. Raisinmeister :

    Thank you! I had the same problem and your suggestion was the only one that worked.

  22. Chrome version

    1> Wrench
    2> Options
    3> Browsing Data (2nd option from bottom) Import data from another browser
    This is where you will find a pull-down menu for IE, Firefox & Google Toolbar.

    Thank you Robai :) your comment gave me the hint to keep looking as all I kept coming up with was the bookmark sync tab which wasn’t exactly what was needed.

    It is still very unfortunate to have to then drag & drop each separate bookmark from an import folder, but I am very happy not to have lost them entirely.

    Happy surfing.

  23. None of the above seems to apply to the current version of Chrome (Sept 2010). The only import option requires a folder input

  24. @Robai

    Import from ANY to Chrome

    Go to Options/Personal Stuff/Import data

  25. Simple Steps:

    Go to Chrome Browser
    Click on CHROME
    Select what to import.
    Worked for me! :)

  26. I click on Import Bookmarks and Settings and it doesn’t ask me about other browsers, it just opens a dialogue box asking me to import a “Chrome HTML” file.

    Well, Firefox doesn’t use Chrome HTML files – so it looks like I can only import bookmarks from other instances of Chrome, which makes switching from a different browser to Chrome a bit pointless.


  28. Thanks … Helpful

  29. i was at first tempted to agree with the above complaints but after improvising a bit it’s actually easy- 1) wrench —> 2)preferences –>3) personal stuff —> 4) browsing data (import data from another browser). used on macOSX, it took seconds for a full import & toolbar update. you only need to make sure imported browser is closed.

  30. Well, I dont know about the rest of the versions, but in the latest version of chrome, go to OPTIONS, then PERSONAL STUFF, then under BROWSING DATA click on IMPORT DATA FROM ANOTHER BROWSER…done!!! ;-)

  31. It doesn’t work with beta version of google chrome, what can I do? :(

  32. Well the current Chrome version (19 June 2011) chrashes during importing the bookmarks file from safari (for windows).

  33. It does not work for FF 4.x and Chrome either.

  34. I don’t have any of those options in the options menu.

  35. Does not work. I cannot import my favorites from firefox. In fact the only thing I can do with GC is browse the net. It is indeed very fast. I’m very disappointed.

  36. Thank you for this – quick and easy how to

  37. This doesn’t work, Google Chrome says “No supported browser found”, I’m running Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu 11.04 operating system and recently installed Google Chrome, Crum doesn’t let me type in or search for “supported browser” either, so the tool is quite lame, maybe there is another way?

  38. It’s great!

    Firefox is good browser but is getting slower and crazy while Chrome is simple, fast and soft as silk!

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