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What is incognito mode in Google Chrome

Incognito mode is a special mode of browsing in Google chrome where, whatever you browse is just off the original stuff and is not stored in the cache, or history of the browser. It is similar to Stealther of firefox and private browsing of Safari for mac.

According to Google,

Browsing in incognito mode only keeps Google Chrome from storing information about the websites you’ve visited. The websites you visit may still have records of your visit. Any files saved to your computer will still remain on your computer.

Example: If you sign into your Google Account on while in incognito mode, your subsequent web searches are recorded in your Google Web History. In this case, if you want to make sure your searches are not stored in your Google Account, you’ll need to pause your Google Web History tracking

The browsing history is not saved, but if you make any changes to the bookmarks menu or list, or any changes in the general settings then these are saved in both the normal and incognito mode.

When can incognito mode be useful?
It is when you want to open some sites without your family persons to know about it. Or buy a gift but don’t want to let your closed ones about it and keep it secret till the gift arrives in a surprise.

How to switch to incognito mode?
There are 3 ways of opening a website in incognito mode –

1. Keyboard shortcut – To open a new empty window in incognito mode, you just have to press Ctrl + Shift + N

2. With a Click – If you want to open a particular link in incognito mode, then you can do that by right-click on the link and select “Open in incognito mode”.

3. Through the menu – Click on the Page Menu. Then select “New Incognito Window” and a new window opens with the incognito icon in the top left corner to let you know and make difference between the normal and incognito windows.


  1. Image Clipping :

    This option is very useful.. but you are not away from Firewall..

  2. i did a study with a forensics expert to try getting to the bottom of the incognito window. he thought he could best google and their infinite wisdom. found some interesting results and how secure it really is.

  3. Unfortunatly Chrome’s Incognito mode isnt’t realy private. It keeps so-called “flash cookies” even after leaving the Incognito mode. So every website can still keep track on you using this technique. And other users of your computer can see where you have been surfed too.

  4. You can do the same thing in firefox as well, i.e., stealth browsing/incognito mode and that too WITHOUT any kind of extension/plugin/addon etc. It is already built in in firefox. See this:

  5. Anyone know if there is a command line switch to launch the application in incognito mode?

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