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How to install flash player on Google Chrome browser?

Google chrome browser is very well working in many computers, but still has problems with websites which require authentication, and which requires some new flash players to display their video content. I am talking about flash sites which are not perfectly opening for every person who is using Chrome. Many are getting the message to download the latest version of Adobe flash player to display some content in it.

So here is how you can install the latest version of flash player for your Google Chrome browser –

Download the flash player for windows xpi file.

Rename the file to .zip as its a file which directly interacts with your web browser and changes itself with the extension.
(Or you can directly download this zip file which i renamed and uploaded – Download here)

Then extract it to a new folder through winzip. You will see a couple files flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll which you have copy.

Then go to the plugins folder of your google chrome browser, which might be at –
C/Documents and settings//Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application/Plugins/

Paste both the files in this plugins folder and then close your Chrome browser and restart it.

Try to check whether the installation is done perfectly, by just watching a video in Youtube which requires the latest version of flash player to play the video.

And you are done!

P.S. Adobe has recently launched the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for various operating systems. You can download them from here –

Download Flash Player 10.1 for Mac – Link
Download Flash Player for Windows – XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 2000 – Link
Download Flash Player for Windows 95/98 – Link
Download Flash Player for Linux (.tar.gz) – Link


  1. If you have flash installed either to your Firefox browser, then this step is not needed. Chrome autodetects the Flash plugin.

    To check if Chrome has flash detected or not, type about:plugins in addressbar and check whether it lists Shockwave Flash as Installed or not. If not, then you should use the above step.

  2. It really helped me to get running on Chrome. It is helpful for those who does not have Administrative access on their computers.
    Awesome work! Thank you

  3. Worked for me. Great tip. But the first comment posted here was wrong. I had Flash working in Firefox 3, but it still didn’t work in Chrome and the regular Flash install didn’t work either.

    BTW, I had lots of headaches upgrading to Firefox 3 and installing Chrome last week. Neither worked for me. Some research hinted in the right direction. I turned off my Norton firewall and turned on the Windows firewall and then both installs worked fine.

  4. this is all good information but i can not for the life of me find the plugins folder. i went the folder where you said it might be and couldent find anything. i tried reinstalling chrome, and it still wasent there. i did a system search and nothing i have enabled show all hidden files and folders and still have found nothing. it is like chrome does not exist on my pc, but it works great. any ideas?

  5. This worked great for me at one job, but I work part-time at another establishment with a locked-down desktop. I cannot even access C/Documents and settings/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application/Plugins/. I am denied access to C/Documents and settings/Administrator and the documents and settings with my user name. Any way around all of this?

  6. I found the work around my self!!

    In MS Internet Explorer, got to File > Open and past in C/Documents and settings/yourusername/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application/Plugins/. The folder displays even it it is hidden using Explorer. Paste the files into the plugins folder and you’re good to go!

  7. Do the first part by going to: C/Documents and settings/your user name

    At this point go to Tools / folder options / show hidden files / ok

    you should now see Local Settings and can do the rest

    Local SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationPlugins

  8. chrome flash works :

    Not sure why this worked, but my flash player on was not working in google chrome and on other sites. Pissed me off since I really love Chrome. Anyway I opened up chrome and went to a video page and it gave me the same error message that it does not work for the platform. Then I opened up Internet Explorer, when to the same page and it opened in IE. Then I refreshed the page in Chrome and it works. Hope that helps.

  9. Thanks man! It’s so helpful.

  10. @PJ:

    Thanks man!!! I was about to turn green and rip my shirt a part!!
    Just reinstalled XP, and after realizing I forgot to back up my 3D project(only 1 weeks work) and a lot of other problems, this flash plugin isue was the drop that was about to make me go crazy. You’re a lifesaver;)

  11. I have install google chrome :)

  12. I have installed google chrome just need to get it working.

  13. I still can’t find the folder (I have set ti view hidden files and folders). So I just created the directories myself, copy the 2 files and restart chrome. the type about:plugins. I still cannot find .swf suffix (which stand for flash file’s .swf). Any idea why?

  14. Thanks!

  15. thanks… the info was really helpful!!

  16. i’m probably the dumb ass here but in the guide it says to change the name from .whatever to .zip now when i click to download the flash player and it brings up the box it says run and cancel on the 2 buttons, and the locations of where the files going and file type etc. are i cant rename them. I’m guessing thats not the bit i do that to, where do i find it and how do i get to it?

  17. hmm dont worry bout that ^
    ive got it all sorted now but… where is the
    ‘plugins’ folder in

    C:\Documents and Settings\ user name\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\ theres no plugins folder…
    theres 4 icons..

    Chrome, First run, Dictionaries, and some other folder with a bunch of numbers and dots. i looked in them all and there was no plugins folder.. how am i supposed to do this??

  18. yeah same here…

    looked through program files and i’ve used my search and i can’t find it…

  19. This was super helpful! Thanks!

  20. Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\Plugins. i have xp and i could not find the ‘plugins’ file in ‘application’. i took someone else’s advice and created the folder ‘Plugins’ where i was supposed to find it, copied the two files into it and it works! hope it works for you.

  21. Brilliant!

    Thanks very much for this

    One small mod – Vista uses a different folder structure, so I had to paste the two necessary files into C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\Plugins

    The folder Plugins did not exist when I navigated my way there, so I created it and dropped the two files in, restarted the Chrome browser and Voila! Working fine

    Other thing I’d say is that my first step was to visit the Chrome Help pages, in particular, and installed Java 6 v 10 like they suggested, before doing the Flash business

    Good luck guys!

  22. @John:

    i restarted my computer but not chrome so it does not work,haha,i am too fool.

    remember,after create the foder “plugin”,restar chrome but not your computer.

    now it’s work well,thank you all, i solve my problem.

  23. C/Documents and settings//Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application/Plugins/
    Can not find this path in my computer. No “Google” in “Application Data”.

  24. Hope this may be of help to someone.
    I too could not install plugin for Google Chrome,but i did manage to manually install it for Mozilla Firefox which also worked for Google Chrome.

  25. @kfafnis: My plugins folder doesn’t exists too, I just created and copied the files.. Working fine… thx…

  26. I can’t find Plugins in C/Documents and settings//Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application/,so I created a Plugins and then copied.

  27. @Beklands: which folder did you paste it in then?

  28. @ttpp: My Chrome downloaded to a weird place C:\Users\Stanislav\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe. I tried to both counsels from Becklands and Ttpp, but neither worked on my computer (still asks for plugins).

  29. It worked! Thank You!!!

  30. It’s working !!! Thanks a lot!!

  31. I too am having issues. I tried pasting the 2 necessary files into my plugins folder, downloaded java, restarted the chrome browser and still the flash player is not shown in my plugins folder. Please help!! Can anyone think of something I might be forgetting??

  32. Thank for your help….
    Now my chrome can watching video without problem Thank..

  33. icant do it help

  34. try try try but cant

  35. Thanks…worked great!

  36. You guys for some of you who need help finding the plugins folder Just go to C/Documents and settings//Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application and if there is no plugin folder you need to make one so make a C/Documents and settings//Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application/Plugins and paste the two files inside of it. Hope that helps.

  37. daniel canales :

    can somebody please tell me the names of the two files and………do u create a folder drom the desktop and drag it to the website or is there another way??? Please help

  38. I installed chrome and found it was loading a Flash 7 dll from somewhere on my system. Initially I thought maybe google was distributing an older flash version built into chrome.

    SysInternals ProcExp allowed me to find which dll it was using. It was loading it from an Irish language version of FireFox that I had installed some time ago in c:\Program Files\FF_ie\.

    I installed IRON and it did the same thing.

    I renamed that DLL and now iron is choosing the DLL in system32\Macromed\Flash – mm let me check chrome… yeah chrome is doing the same now too.

    Maybe that helps someone.

  39. Well, there actually is another solution.
    If when you are trying to download adobe flash player and it says “you need to close the following: Chrome” Then actually do so. don’t close the box that told you to do that, but Google chrome it self. Then click try again, until it says “Download Complete.”

  40. i did try the method that mentioned above. it still didnt work. i can’t play games using google chrome. i like the look the google chrome has and it is easy to use but i cannot play games because the shockwash player always crashed!!!! i really hate it!hate it!!!!!!!


    After trying everything for ages, and making a new plugins folder etc and nothing working – simply closing Chrome behind the “You need to close the following” box, I had it downloaded, completed and working within seconds.

  42. Thanks very much! It really helped me a lot!

  43. Thanks its worked
    but the path is difrent in Windows Vista you have to create new folder in C:\Users\yourAccountName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\
    create here a new folder named “Plugin” its worked for and I will hope it would be work for you thank and reply if you happy :-)

  44. @i cant: take rest then start its not tuff just do right thing. 1st create new folder rename it with Plugins and then paste it to in this folder C/Documents and settings/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application/ and paste here both files named flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll you have done it enjoy :-)

  45. Guys thanks for all the info! The only i dont know is how to restart the chrome?…

  46. how do i restart google chrome?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? please help!

  47. It still wont let me install it i dont know why though

  48. <——lol he looks cool

  49. @Dylan:

    Nice job dylan just x out of chrome when this box says cannot download…thanks man I was ready to throw laptop!

  50. after documents & settings where to go … what 2 do … to install flash player…
    I m not finding plugins folder
    help me out

  51. @John: John, When i go to the C/USers/(USername) there is no application data option.

    Im using Windows Vista. Please help. I’m totally frustrated with this :(

  52. great post – very helpul! I was able to get my google chrome browser up and running to watch youtube videos very quickly. awesome!

  53. Thanks. I had problems installing flash at work because of the administrative rights stuff. I also couldn’t find the plugins folder but after reading some of the posts on this blog, I found my way out, simply by creating the plugins folder under C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\ create folder ‘Plugins’ here; copied the 2 files into the Plugins directory and it worked. Thanks!

  54. Thank you for help us.

    Now i can watch videos at youtube, but i can’t see the flashs in my website.
    i must say that my google chrome is portable.
    and it is in a past in may desktop, so i found the sub past “plugins” and I put the file there.

    Can you help me?

    -sorry my English, i’m from brazil. please understand

    try do it

  55. system c:/ Documents and Settings/ Administrator/ Local Settings/ Application Data/ Google/ Chrome/ Application/ then make a new folder called Plugins and paste the two files flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll!!

    It works fine for me!! :)

  56. Thanks guys for the info here. I have created the Plugins folder under C:\Users\{myAccountName}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\ and pasted those two files and then restarted Chrome. Wow, it worked.

  57. how can I install Flash Player to my Iphone 3GS

  58. I didn’t know you need to know special techniques in order to install flash player for Chrome. I’ve just installed the browser and it worked fine for me

  59. Great tip! It worked for me. Thanks.

  60. A great help :

    “Do this in Chrome” Go to the adobe website and install by clicking on the home page of adobe get flash player or something like that. then look under the Install adobe flash player until you see “Different operating system or browser?” click that and put your operating system in and click continue. Now it will come up with two different options you want the “Flash player 10 for Windows” not the other one. click agree and install and it will ask you to close chrome then click try again. Now once its done open chrome and test it. This worked for me I hope it works for you!
    Thank you!

  61. Really this step is very use full but one problem in last step “Plugins”folder is not available there so i create a folder and named”plugins”and paste both file as per your mention above and then restart Google Chrome ,i am sucess of my operation,,Thanks.Change last step means describe the last activity.

    Thank you

  62. I already went through this process of installation, youtube videos are working great, but i can’t watch videos posted to facebook. why?

  63. I got it to work! Here’s how:

    I found an old version of the NPSWF32.dll file sitting in C:/Windows/System32. I right clicked on it, hit properties, selected the Version tab and saw that it was running an old version of flash (9 rc45). I deleted that file, and now Chrome is running the latest version of Flash Player…finally

  64. okayy thiss is what you do!
    1. Open internet explorer
    2. open google chrome
    3. Go onto the adobe website on google chrome and press install
    then that error thing will come up so close google chrome and leave internet explorer open.
    It should then automatically Download
    Well it worked for me :)

  65. This was super helpful! Thanks!

  66. KnockaroundGuyM :

    THANK YOU!!! I have been searching for a fix for this for the past 4 days! Everything I found, every site I visited, all had different ways of fixing this; however, they ALL failed…until I tried the way you explained above! I know some are saying that this is not necessary, and for some computers it’s not. I installed Chrome on my son’s desktop and my laptop (the former running Vista Ultimate, the latter XP Pro) and it detected Flash 10 and worked just fine. On my desktop, however…for some reason, Chrome reported that it was using BOTH Flash 9 AND 10 (see “about:plugins”). Since 9 was still being used, it would not let 10 work, even though it was installed. After I copied and pasted your files to the proper folder and restarted my browser – SUCCESS!!! One other thing: I’m running Vista Ultimate on my desktop computer. I could not find the file path you recommended (it looks like a file path for XP anyway), so I had to search out the proper file path to paste your files to. So you know what path it is, and so others don’t have to search for it, the path is: “C:\Users\’YourNameHere’\AppData\Local\Google\Update\″ I don’t know if everyone will have the last folder, but if you do then install the files there. If you don’t have the last folder in the path, I recommend installing the files in the folder (named with all numbers) that you have. If, for some reason, you do not have a folder named with all numbers, then paste the files in the “Update” folder and see if that works. Thanks again, bro!

  67. youtube videos are running.. but i cant the videos on facebook. why???? someone help me

  68. Wow! Thanks alot! Tips on all the other websites were shit! Only this worked for me. =D

  69. please help me!!
    the flash player installed, but the portable google chrome still can’t play youtube videos..

    please.. what should i do??

  70. I was having a similar problem, Chrome ver. would not show flash on webpage but Firefox was working ok.

    I tried installing files flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll into the Plugins/ directory (which I had to create because it did not exist). It did not work.

    Then, I opened MS Internet Explorer and tried opening the same site. It did not show the flash but instead showed an yellow bar at the top saying the site attempted to launch a pop-up. I clicked the yellow bar to allow pop-ups from that site and the flash showed up.

    So, I went back to Chrome to see if it was preventing pop-ups, and the webpage was now showing the flash!!! Looks like Chrome shares some options with MS IE.

    Hope that helps you.

  71. I tried this as several sites weren’t working properly for me and it worked!! Took a bit of fiddling around as I have Vista and the files weren’t labelled in the way I was expecting. Anyone with similar issues, follow the guy’s advice and use his file and if you have problems locating the plugins folder/hidden files, google the issue and you should find answers immediately like I did :) Thanks very much to the OP!

  72. Just wanted to thank you. Locked workstation at work. It’s already a miracle that Chrome was able to install itself. No hope that the “flashplayer.exe” from Adobe would be allowed to install itself with registry and such.
    The method you describe, based simply on file extraction at the right place, is a nice workaround for me. Thanks a lot.

  73. This is just bullshit that chrome has been out for this long and still fix to do this auto. Fucking hate doing this everytime flashplayer update…

  74. holy cow, it worked. i feel like a very capable geek. had to follow PJ’s advice about hidden folders…
    [quote]PJ says:
    September 22, 2008 at 5:28 pm
    Do the first part by going to: C/Documents and settings/your user name

    At this point go to Tools / folder options / show hidden files / ok

    you should now see Local Settings and can do the rest

    Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\Plugins


    I opened google chrome typed about:plugins in the address bar then went to the bottom where it states
    Shockwave Flash
    File name: NPSWF32.dll
    Shockwave Flash 10.0 r32
    The latest version, Google Chrome still has a bug that will not display flash content.
    The above URL has been tested with
    IE all versions from 6 up and the flash plays perfectly
    FireFox All Versions from 2 up and again the flash plays perfectly
    Opera the last two versions work perfectly
    A hacked version of Netscape even works…..LOL

    While chrome is the fastest it has a major bug with it’s flash

  76. Thank you not being able to use page which include flash has been annoying me for a long while now. so THANKS

  77. I have Google Chrome OS as well as Chrome browser. I have not been able find a flash plug-in that works with the Chrome OS. HELP!!!

  78. Had to create the Plugins folder in Google/applications folder, as i couldn’t find it!

    copy the files there, and restart Chrome…

    now everything working!

  79. Dealing with this for a few months now. Finally a real solution. I did have some problem with finding the plugins directory (I’m using Windows 7) so here are my results.

    If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, go to c:\(YOURUSERNAME)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\. If there is not a Plugins folder there, create a new folder with the name “Plugins.” Paste NPSWF32.dll & flashplayer.xpt into the Plugins folder. Quit and restart Google Chrome and retry.
    Make sure to replace (YOURUSERNAME) in the above path with your actual windows username. If not sure what it is go to Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) and look at the users tab.

  80. kept getting error on install to the likes of cannot open NPSWF32.dll…. Nothing posted on other websites, to include messing with the registry, worked that is until I followed your instructions. I have a VISTA O/S so i searched for appdata and bingo I was on the road to being able to paste the aforementioned files in a newly created folder I named “Plugins”. Now everything flash works perfectly on Chrome.
    Thanks a million to the original blogger and to the other posters that made this possible. Peace out!
    C:…… appdata/Local/Google/Chrome/Application/ and new folder: “Plugins” (with pasted files of course).

  81. well, some one tell me what i should do to run google chrome properly with a latest flash player..THAT WORKS ALSO WITH GOOGLE CHROME!! i am small and i do not understand what u guys wrote up there, so please tell me what i should be doing to make google chrome feel better? it always says “a script in this movie is causing the flash player to run the movie slowly. do u want to abort the script??” now tell me what i should do..please!! its urgent..!

  82. “Dylan says:
    December 29, 2008 at 10:01 pm
    Well, there actually is another solution.
    If when you are trying to download adobe flash player and it says “you need to close the following: Chrome” Then actually do so. don’t close the box that told you to do that, but Google chrome it self. Then click try again, until it says “Download Complete.” ”

    Worked perfectly for me, thank you!! I don’t understand any of the gobble de gook so I’m glad such a simple way worked!

  83. thnx a lot. it work.

  84. Thanks @Oryan and @Chetan, I got flash plugin working on windows 7.

  85. thate his ok thanke you

  86. Sorry, this is a good article and it apparently really works for some (judging by the comments), but I’ve had no luck whatsoever. I tried all of the tips from all you guys in the comments, to no avail. And I consider myself somewhat of a computer geek.

    I’ve had this problem for months now and just spent 3 hours fiddling around, and Chrome simply won’t play flash, goddammit.

    Chrome is gone for me. F*** you (Google, not you guys).


  87. As mentioned above, there is no plugins folder so I had to create the folder “Plugins” as it wasn’t there in C/Documents and settings/*Username*/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application/*Version Number*/Plugins. Now it works OK without crashing or giving an error report.

  88. I have comcast

  89. I have had a computer for years, I use it mostly for e-mail and Bridge On Line to play bridge. Last week everything went haywire I use smartzone to get on line

  90. grabe!!! nu b yn?? how cn i dwnlod a flsh plyer?? hlp m 2 slve it.. plese..!!!

  91. Hi. As this page states ( Google Chrome users do not have to install a Flash plugin, as it comes integrated with new versions of Chrome. If you are still experiencing problems, this page ( could provide the solution.

  92. Great work!

  93. my chrome can’t open the ,anyone can help me ?

  94. Thank you!

  95. I spent 2 days trying the locate the plugins for flash player and couldnt. I finally search the web for more help and came across WWW blog site. Viola I found the solution I was looking for. Followed the instruction to a “t”…it worked. That was mid-day on Friday, 4/29/2011…I was able to play games on pogo and do things I havent been able to do. I even tried installing the new google talk that include video chat. As soon as I installed it, trouble started again…no more pogo games, etc. Im screwed! I really want to utilize the google talk video chat (even though skpe works but I dont have to pay for mobile chat calls/video chats. Google talk works in IE but not in Google Chrome but IE has started having troubles now. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! Im at the end of my rope deal with the “cant find the missing plugin” flash player crashing… I have uninstalled/reinstall more times than I want and the results have give me stomach problems! I know that theres a simple solution to this problem and im a fast learner..if anyone have any solution or know someone who can walk me thru fixing the problem, im all ears, eyes, body…whatever it takes. Email me a solution ( and I check back every hour on the hours to see if anyone has responded.

  96. ubuntu11.04 amd 64 :
    1 download the flash player from
    2 extract here
    3 sudo mv /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins
    4 restart chrome
    5 just enjoy it

  97. wow! this thing is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. i cnt install the google chrome with flash in ubuntu…whoooo…grrrrr

  99. grrrr.. it doesnt wrk…

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  102. I can´t do it, any ideas?

  103. glal

  104. meci

  105. Muid Hasan Anik : click here… then U can enabLe the fLash :)

  106. Muid Hasan Anik :

    Or type
    On your address bar from google crome browser.
    Then U have to enabLe shockwave flash ,

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