How to Find Macbook Hard Disk Size?

Finding info about your mac, its hard disk space, RAM info etc. is not pretty hard to find but still confusing for first time users who just keep wondering on where to go to find everything related to the Hard disk in their macbook. Here is a tutorial on “How to Find Macbook Hard Disk Size?”

There are a couple options for this. One is the easy one to find how much free space is available in the hard disk in your macbook. You can see that when you open your Hard Drive folder from the desktop, it would be seen in the status bar in the bottom.
Check this image, and the status bar shows 8.61 GB available. This does not mean the total disk space of the Hard drive.
hard disk space available

Other way, is to go into the System Profiler and checking for all the details. Here is how you can do that -
Go to the Apple icon in the top left of the screen, and in the list of options, click on “About This Mac” as shown -
about mac info

In the Mac OS X version info window, click on the More Info.. button to go to the System Profiler which would be showing all the info you need about your Macbook and its hard drive.
mac info disk space

In the system profiler that would open there, you can go the Hardware section, and in that, go to Serial-ATA tab which will give you all the Hard Drive information as following -
Hard Drive:

  • Capacity: Total capacity of the hard drive.
  • Available: Available space in the hard drive.
  • Writable: To see whether hard drive is writable or not.
  • File System: Type of file system.
  • The BSD name and mount point information is also given.

mac serial ata data space

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