Microsoft Dream Spark in India – “Dream big by Bill Gates”

microsoft dreamsparkMicrosoft’s Dream Spark which was launched in february this year, has finally arrived in India which was expected till the end of the year and Bill Gates did not delay the things.

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates had announced the launch in India, yesterday in Indian Institute of Technology, in New Delhi. His inspiring talk in the campus had made more techies interested in the IIT to try something big.
His aim is to go worldwide with this project and India is one of the majority parts as in the present time, India is going too high with the IT part.
He said -

I see a spark in the Indian students. They are more exposed to the ground realities than their counterparts in the US, know the challenges of poverty and therefore know how technology can be used to achieve best results in order to help the poor.

All I can say is that dream big. I and my friend did that 33 years back. Dream and pursue your dreams!
With this, students can access Windows Standard Server, XNA Game Studio 2.0, expression studio among others. This will help students unlock their creative potential and set them on the path to academic and career success.

I see a spark in the youth across the globe. They have the advantage of the latest technology, which I did not 33 years back, and a want to help the needy. Students like you who study in such competent institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology have the potential to innovate and reach out to the needy.

Bill’s target is to spread the Dream Spark project and software distribution to around 10 million students across the country, and so targeted the IIT students at first, who can become a big way of news spreading.

Check Microsoft Dreamspark website here.

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