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Mobile broadband services and deals in Australia

broadband expertMobile broadband in Australia is a new and perfect way of connecting to the web world when you are on the go. You don’t need to use Wi-Fi through the modems having cables, fiber optics or something that might restrict you from accessing you the internet while traveling. The fixed line internet service providers are the mobile service providers, who provide you with thee USB modem to use with your laptop.

In Australia, the need of internet has always been on the rise, and people are shifting from the fixed lines and fiber optics to something better, portable. And the mobile internet is available for all OS including windows, mac etc.

Australia has some good mobile services like 3, Dodo, Virgin Broadband, Vodafone which provide good mobile call plans, and so the additional wireless broadband plans are always as expected to the best prices and offers.
Some of the broadband deals include the internet key or USB modem along with a free laptop with longer deals of broadband, which is found with Dodo network.

The best mobile broadband brands are among Virgin, Dodo and Vodafone, which reduce the prices of broadband with longer deals like 24 months. The speeds of broadband internet through the USB or internet keys range from 0.5 MBps to 3.6 MBps. The mobile service providers usually don’t charge any setup fee, for the installation of mobile broadband service.
Broadband expert is one of the sites that would help you select and choose your best broadband plan and you can directly order the plan and product from the site itself to set the contract.

broadband expert site

Here is a small information on how you can set your mobile broadband modem with your computer –

  • Insert the provided SIM card into the USB modem in the side section.
  • Then insert the USB modem to the socket in your PC or laptop, and you will have to be connected to the internet.
  • The software that makes the USB compatible and usable with your laptop, will automatically get downloaded from the mobile broadband provider site.

This sets up your mobile broadband service.


  1. Thankfully, it’s getting easier and easier to stay connected while traveling these days. Will only continue to improve.

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