Download Nokia IM Beta for Nokia E71, E75, E63

Instant messaging on mobile phone is possible through some 3rd party apps like Fring and for Yahoo messenger in blackberry but now Nokia has launched a beta version of an instant messenger which works only in a few E-series mobile phones.

nokia im beta oviThe Nokia Messaging – IM Beta is an app available for Nokia E71, Nokia E75 and Nokia E63 mobile phones. The features of the app are -

  • Chat option available for Yahoo!® Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi communities
  • You can navigate through the conversations in different communities, all together
  • While multitasking in your phone, you get background notification for any new IM you receive.
  • Yahoo and Google community experience with the specific emoticons, graphics, and alert sounds
  • Similar to the messengers on the PC – setting up of status, going invisible and choosing who to block individually
  • Avatar settings and viewing other’s ovi avatars
  • Remember and save all the chat sessions with your friends

nokia im chat screenshot

This beta is available for Nokia E75, E71 and E63, and it works with Yahoo!® Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi accounts.

How to download -

Download for E75 (.JAD, 3 kB)
Download for E75 (.JAR, 490 kB) - only necessary when installing with PC

Download for E71 (.JAD, 3 kB)
Download for E71 (.JAR, 485 kB) - only necessary when installing with PC

Download for E63 (.JAD, 3 kB)
Download for E63 (.JAR, 485 kB) - only necessary when installing with PC

Check out more at Nokia Beta Labs!
here is a video intro of the app -

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