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Let google know about new blog content – Ping Google blog search

Getting indexed into Google search engine is nothing for some, and is a challenging task for some who really aren’t aware of how to get into this, and they don’t understand what that is.
They try to build links in a rapid way so as to make the Google spiders come to their blogs or websites and index the new content in it.
But the fast link building can sometime flag the website and can make Google think that you are a spammer!
Better to go the Google Way for this!

So, if you have posted something new in your blog and don’t see it crawled and indexed in Google blog search, you better ping your blog to the Google blog search engine – Go to

Whenever you post something new, and ping your blog to the blog search engine, the post gets crawled within minutes and it will appear in the blog search within minutes. Since this service is a one time notification service, every time your blog changes please submit your blog again.

Some people feel that using Google sitemaps is enough, but here is Google’s answer to this -

If you’re currently using Google Sitemaps within Google, we encourage you to continue to do so. Google Sitemaps, a tool within Google webmaster tools, can provide you with valuable information about your site’s visibility in our web search results. However, if you’re a blogging provider, Google Blog Search Pinging Service can help you ensure your blog’s most up-to-date information is included in our Blog Search results.


  1. Yeah chetan ths is the most important step in getting indexed in google so that we can get quality traffic from to search engine, I can say that this really helps.

  2. good tip :)

  3. Thanks for informing about this.

  4. We can add it to the ping list in WordPress..

  5. Hey,

    I just did it for my blog :)

    Thanks for sharing this, i wont forget to do this everytime i Post something on my blog

  6. Nice but it’s a violation of google rules…

  7. cool, I am going to check it!

  8. @Downloadic: Any info you can show about that?
    As its not at all against any rules. Show me any evidences to prove me wrong.

  9. yeah I want to know too.

  10. Nice information.

  11. I will try this on my blog.

  12. @Chetan: Don’t mind him, as far as I know it’s not against any rules.

  13. If it’s a violation why Google allowed this?

  14. @BM did you try it on all your blogs?

  15. @Sherry: not yet

  16. Have you try it?

  17. @BM yeah only some blogs

  18. hey Guys

    i dont think its a violation because google wont allow it, if it was

    So dont worry .
    Get it going

  19. @Amar: I know right? Google hates spams.

  20. gotta try this on my blog too.

  21. @Downloadic:

    Why would this be a violation?

  22. oh yeah anyone can tell me how to insert google sitemap in wp?

  23. @sherry

    There is one plugin which can help you with these,, you need to google for it :)

  24. @sherry

    Or you can create a sitemap and submit to google webmaster tools.. this helps for better crawling.

    I have done it for my blog too

  25. Pinging Google after every blog post isn’t against the rules as far as i’ve ever seen. WordPress even has a setting to do this automatically for you after every post. I doubt they would have this if it were a violation of Google’s terms.

  26. thank you so much i will do the same with my game blog thanks

  27. I was scared by a post in some forum that pinging every time a new blog post is created will annoy google.It’s encouraging to find that it is false after reading this post.Thanks.

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