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Download Portable Google Chrome Browser

By on May 30, 2009 in Google Chrome with 3 Comments

Portable apps are those which can be used anywhere and taken anywhere within a USB stick and there is no need of installing them on the computer, just use it directly from the USB drive without leaving any
marks/history where you are using them. There are usually all kinds of portable apps which come handy in situations where you are using your friend’s computer and need all your saved passwords etc. in the broser. Here is a portable version of the Google Chrome browser.

Google chrome has lately come with the dynamic tabs feature, the incognito mode for safe and private browsing, and you can import all the history, passwords, bookmarks from any other browser that you were previously using, so it saves everything in the portable app too and you can use that anywhere from the USB stick.

Google ChromeThe portable google chrome Beta comes as a standalone file which does not need any installation or copying into every computer you are using it in. You just need to have it in your USB drive and then use it anywhere. You can download the portable chrome browser from here.

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  1. Gagan says:

    yesterday, I was planning to make my own portable version of Chrome but forgot about it…:(

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