Reasons why Google Analytics is not tracking your website

google logoGoogle analytics is a good traffic analysis program which provides all the information of how a visitor has entered your website and what pages are being browsed. Every possible way to explain the visitor analysis is tried by Google in this program. And many webmasters use this tool for analysis of their website’s traffic.

But many people still face problems in installing the code and make Google track it probably to pull the correct stats, i thought i might list out some of the reasons why there is a glitch with tracking of your website visitors stats for Google analytics -

Firstly, when you install the tracking code, you should allow 24 hours for Google to pull traffic data and put in your account. It does not show any results within 24 hours, so don’t get panicked if you don’t see any traffic info for the first 24 hours.

A few other reasons -

  • Assure that your tracking code is copied correctly, as when you copy and paste the code in notepad, sometimes there are some spaces added in. And a single space change in the code can lead to errors and result in non-tracking of your website.
  • Placement of code - You have to find the correct file in your website, and have to compulsorily add the code just above </body> tag in the website code. That’s the only place that Google specifies to place your code and any change will give errors.
  • And copy the code that is given specifically for your website, as the code is not common for all the websites that you are tracking.
  • Usage of an Urchin software affects - Although it is always advised to use only Analytics, you can use more than one software to track your website visitors and Urchin software usage needs an addition to the original code for the tracking code to run. check it out here.
  • Analytics uses flash - The data that you are getting in analytics is mostly on Flash, and its always the latest version of flash, so sometimes you are using an old version of flash and you don’t get the flash opened. So keep updated with the latest flash version.
  • Update your ga.js version - The ga.js file, if hosted locally, sometimes needs updated as google updates the code and ga.js file. Outdated versions fail to track the visitor stats.

If you found any other error or reason why Google does not track your website properly, please share them too.

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