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How to remotely lock your Android phone by sending an SMS

By on August 23, 2010 in Google Android with 5 Comments

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Binary Options Market Review 20022016 Regularity Indicator Forex Download the Norton security program from the Android Marketplace which is available for free, and the installation takes too less time. The home section of the security program would show you the options to remote wipe and lock the phone, call blocking, anti-malware feature. Select the first option, and then the setup initialization page opens, where you can start the setup process. The remote lock feature prevents unauthorized access to the phone, by locking it.

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Then you need to follow the 3 steps where you are introduced to the process and then you need to set the lock code, specify a code that’s easy to remember and you would be notified if the debugging mode is on, as the remote lock feature functioning needs the debugging mode off. Once you have disabled it, the setup is done and a summary appears with the message text which you need to type in for the specified functions. i.e. –
Lock - Remotely locks the phone
Wipe - Remotely wipes the phone

android remote lock step 1 android remote lock code setting

disable debugging for remote lock remote lock steps done

Once you are done with the setup, you can test it out by either wiping or locking your phone, by sending an SMS from any other mobile of yours. And as soon as the SMS is received in your android phone, it gets locked and would require you to type the unlock code or the phone remains locked. The phone automatically replies to the sender that the remote lock was executed successfully.

android lock sms unlock locked android phone

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  1. Ravindra says:

    Hi can you please provide code sample for locking the phone through SMS..

  2. ThomThompson says:

    If only I could trust Symantec/Norton … with such a deep rooted history of destroying PC’s how could I ever install one of their apps on my phone!

  3. abcd says:

    please provide the source code..

  4. chrisen says:

    please anyoone have source code of the app. please provide link

  5. chrisen says:

    source code of the app

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