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How to restore a deleted Twitter account?

Twitter accounts once suspended due to some illegal activities or suspicions, are hard to get restored back, but when you accidentally or knowingly delete your twitter account, there are chances for the restoration of the account, and i found it when a friend of mine deleted her account and wanted it back.

twitter logoIf the twitter account is deleted, restore is possible within the first 6 months of the deletion, after which it might be permanently deleted. And for those who want their data to be gone and free the username, here is the news:

if you are trying to restore your account to release a user name or email address, we can permanently delete the old account for you. This will free your user name and email address, but your old account will be gone forever.

And regarding the restore of the account, here is what you need to do –
~ Send a mail to from the email address using which you registered at twitter, and let them know about your username and the restore request. You are added to the list, and after 4-6 weeks, you would get notified about the restored account.
~ Fill the tiny form with your username or email address and submit it. This can restore your account too.

Though emailing personally and requesting would be a better option.

Iam writing this article because recently my twitter account got suspended after which many friends sent out tweets to the @twitter @ev @biz etc because there was no reason provided for the suspension and we were all confused why the hell did this situation come. After few hours of this drama the account was restored again without any notification and my sizzler_chetan account was back.


  1. hey, I never knew it….. thanks alot.

  2. Glad that your suspended account is back now and rolling :)

  3. Thanks for sharing, i am not knowing about this

  4. Glad to know your account restored. Really useful piece of information with i was not aware about….

  5. Data Center India :

    Got the same problem and follow the procedure you mentioned but still no luck my account is deleted.

  6. i dont think the restoring is gonna work for me

  7. Twitter’s account reactivation service is unavailable according to their site. It’s best to get a new account (and a new email address) or you can wait for the restoration service to be available, but, knowing twitter, it’ll be a long wait.

  8. my Account
    email ;

  9. Can you please help me do the same by tweeting them and asking to unsuspend my
    account @vivalajessicaaa, I would really like to have my old Twitter account back.

  10. i didnt restore my acount, someone hacked me and did it -__-

  11. CAn somone help me, my account was accidently deleted & now i dont know how to reactivate it, HELP PLEASE !!!

    username- jerseytwin

  12. shalaywu aviyah :

    dear twitter costomer,
    I deleted my twitter page by accident it was a mistake.
    i thought I was reseting the account but I wanted friends and everyone to be restored on my aaccount. because they was
    unable to tell them. but please restore account thank u
    call (404)903-1351 shalaywu

  13. i wanted to change my nickname my twitter account just have been deleted i was really dont know if 1 change there’s nickname there’s twwitter account wil be deleted . i want to get back my deleted twitter it is by my this msn adress & nick name //// //// chelebi ////

  14. kitne time me recover ho gaya tha?

  15. How i read one of my friends deleted accout twitter?

  16. Hey guys, I’ve got one question: Does the restoring of an accidently delteted twitter-account still work?

  17. what if you forgot your password to the account that you want to reactivate?

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