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Review: – The Best Joomla Hosts Reviewed and Rated

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Rendering on the iPad and Tablet Devices – The responsive theme now makes it totally adjusted on the tablet devices, and although the website on the web browser looks so large, in the browser of the Apple iPad or any tablet device, would fit itself and make it easier to navigate.

Joomla Hosting Host Review Joomla Hosting iPad

Going internally into the pages, one would be able to see what the website actually provides. The review pages, for example, the SiteGround Review page lists quite a lot of information, and that is where one can easily decide whether they can trust the host and opt for them, because things are listed in such a way – Pricing, Expert Rating and User Rating, Review, Features, Details of the Company and the comparison to the ratings of the other Top User Rated Hosts – All these in a single page would make it all easy to judge and come to a final decision.

The pictures right from the home page makes the pages intuitive and user-friendly, where one won’t feel it any hard to move around and check the various ratings, reviews and tips for selecting the Best Joomla Hosting company for their needs. The factors taken into consideration while rating a Joomla Host include:

  • Price – Pricing although given by the top companies is competitive, it is a factor that every user checks twice, given the budget in mind.
  • Support – Customer support is what would keep the customer stick to the same host for a longer time, with the all-time service and answering to every query of the customer.
  • Features – There are several features, add-ons and stuff that are provided by the hosts, and with the competition, it is important to check which one gives better features than the others.
  • Uptime – It’s necessary to have the website up for most of the time, and rating the host based on that factor is pretty important.

joomlahosting awardsApart from the above ratings, there are certain factors which the website lists as the best points that they liked about that particular host, like the Pricing, disk space and bandwidth limits, support, experience and the portfolio. The section below the main review by the Editor is filled by the several reviews from the actual users, who have listed the pros and cons of the particular host and this would make it easier to understand how the companies fare when actually dealing with the real customers. The page we were on, the company had received the Editors Choice award for this year, and this is not just a blind assessment and awarding, as there are many factors taken into mind before selecting the final winner.

The blog entries are quite informative, covering even the basic tutorials such as “How can one select the best web host” to the hard ones which would be helpful for the webmasters. In a recent interview and press release, we got to hear from Paul Cowley, the admin and designer of the website: “We have been developing our brand for years, but we needed to enhance the website to keep up with the latest trends. Making the website responsive and picking a framework that embraces the newest features, especially with Joomla, is important to us. With Joomla 3.0 released and 3.5 only months away, we want to be ready. The team working on enhanced it greatly. We are proud to release it and see what visitors think!”

The website earlier had just the simple ratings and review with a few user ratings, but now the enhanced pages have got the opinions from the editors, and there is no bias as there are real user reviews and ratings which can make the decision making a lot better, while there are not many good hosts to choose from, thus the confusion is lessened and there are the best suggestions from the editor.

Head on to and see how easy it has got to choose the best web host for hosting a Joomla website based on one’s own requirement.

Note: This is a review done by The WWW Blog, for JoomlaHosting which is a website handled by Paul Cowley and we aren’t being paid to write everything positive. This is a non-biased review of the website.

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