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How to take screenshot in Mac OS X?

By on March 26, 2009 in Mac Guides with 1 Comment

There is no need to have alternate external apps to download and use to capture screenshots in your apple macbook. The keyboard shortcuts are quite enough for the same.

Here is the easiest way to capture screenshots –
1. Taking the screenshot of the whole screen
To take the screenshot of entire screen, as you do in Windows with the Print Screen Text key, hold (Command + Shift + 3).
This will capture your screen and a flick sound of the camera will be produced. The image is saved on the desktop, and you can use it and rename accordingly.

2. Taking Screenshot of a particular area on the screen
To take the screenshot of a particular area in the screen, hold (Command + Shift + 4) which will open a target crosshair, and holding which you can make the box to highlight a particular area, and releasing the mouse click with take the sceenshot. This will also be saved to your desktop.

3. Taking Screenshot of a particular window
This is a perfect one for those who want to review or write tutorials about particular apps, and you can take screenshot of that particular window, and nothing beside or on the background of it.
To perform this, hold (Command + Shift + 4) and then hold down Space bar. This will highlight any of the active windows. You can move your mouse on the desired window and click on it, to capture the screenshot of that particular window.

These are the basic keyboard shortcuts, but to grab screenshots with external tools, we will share some amazing apps in the near future.

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