Download Mozilla Firefox 20 Browser – Per-window Private Browsing, Security Updates

Firefox 20

The Firefox 20 browser from Mozilla is available for download now and it has brought with itself, a lot of changes, bug fixes and improvements. Firefox is still one of the best downloaded and used browser, against Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer and the new version does have some best features, one of them [...]

How to Backup & Restore Saved Passwords from Firefox browser

firefox password exporter add-on

Backing up of the passwords is always essential, with not just the accounts but the stuff stored in the browsers too. Firefox being one of the most frequently used browsers, can be vulnerable anytime for attacks, and while you are thinking to shift to any other browser or to a new laptop or computer, the [...]

Firefox browser for Android beta – Review & Download

firefox android download

Firefox browser, one of the best in the market has now launched the browser for the android operating system, keeping the technology same and optimizing it for usage in the mobiles. It is still in beta version, and the first impression says it’s not really well made and is pretty heavy for a mobile operating [...]

Sync Firefox data across all platforms securely – PC, phone, laptop – Weave

weave logo

For syncing data like passwords, bookmarks in firefox browser across multiple computers, Foxmarks was a good tool (firefox add-on) but there is another good alternative that the firefox team is building, named Weave. Its going to help you sync all the firefox data in such a way that you can use the same in multiple [...]

Download Firefox 3.6 browser new release

Mozilla team has released the latest version of the Firefox browser, i.e. Firefox 3.6 with many advancements, changes and new features that has bettered the performance and look of the browser from the previous stable version. Its faster, and better responsive. And the browser is built to work with any operating system, the lightest and [...]

Download Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate

Firefox 3+ version has always been promising and got better always, and now its the next version Firefox 3.6 going to be released soon, and you can download the release candidate which is the version just prior to the public release. The preview version is available for free, and more than 75% of the add-ons [...]

How to capture screenshot of entire webpage in Firefox browser?

One of my readers, using firefox browser, asked me which is the best and easiest way to capture screenshots of a web page without using any software or any online tool. And I have been using this tool in firefox browser, an add-on that helps me capture screenshots of web pages, and save the captured [...]

Backup settings and data of Firefox, Opera, Chrome browsers

Browser setting include the options and stuff that is related to the browser user privacy, the settings to enhance the browser performance and your usage settings. Sometimes when the browser acts weird, and stops responding, all the settings of it are restored and sometimes you need to re-install the browser when it crashes. When the [...]

Download youtube videos easily in Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari

To download videos off youtube, there are several ways and I have shared many different ways earlier, but this one too is one more easier way to download the youtube video in either flv or in mp4 version. Here are the tips i shared earlier – Download youtube videos in safari browser Download youtube videos [...]

How to find forgotten password saved in Firefox browser?

Most of the times we use the Save password option in firefox browser so that we don’t have to keep typing the password always for logging into websites etc. and sometimes it comes to use when you browse many sites and keep forgetting what passwords you used for some sites. When you forget the password, [...]

How to make Firefox work as Spell checker for any web page?

Earlier once i shared a trick of how to create fake adsense screenshots using just a small javascript in the address bar, and editing as you wish. But that was an evil use which was just for fun, but the same javascript can help in working as a spell checker for your website or any [...]