Twelebs: Bollywood celebrities on Twitter | Twitter

Twelebs: Bollywood celebrities on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best ways for people, companies to reach each other in the easiest and shortest way. So why not Bollywood celebrities too. There are many bollywood celebs on twitter who have started tweeting to the fullest, and interacting with their fans, friends.

twelebsAnd to make the bollywood fans get to know more about them, here’s a place – Twelebs! Its a blog with all about the celebs of bollywood industry, who are on twitter. This saves time for people searching for them, and the celebs are listed after some confirmation that they are not run by any fan or someone. Only the real person is tweeting in that account.

Its a very beautifully designed blog, with dark colors and the gallery of Celebs linking to their info pages! Some of the best celebs who we can see on the list are Gul Panag, Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta, Asin, Rakhi Sawant, A R Rahman and many others.
You can suggest any celebs who tweet and are not on the list.

The team –

We would be happy to include anyone in the team of helpers, if you contribute to us regularly with some celeb profiles on twitter. Check out Twelebs!

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  1. That is great but who knows that profiles are real or fake. If it is real then its definitely good.
    Twitter is best…no doubt about that…

  2. there are many profiles in twitter and there is no difference to know weather they are real or fake.

  3. The use of twitter by the celebrities is really made a difference in the the Indian public and the number of twitter users got increased

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