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Twitter Tool 2 – Stamp for your Twitter status and Twitcard

TwitStamp – This twitter mashup uses the latest tweet of yours and your profile information and produces that in the form of a badge which can be used anywhere like these of the following –

Blogs run on any platform
Myspace profile
As BB code in vBulletin, Phpbb, SMF IPBoard forums.

If you are placing the stamp in a website, blog or in myspace profile, you don’t require to use the BB Code, and you just have to place the HTML Code.

This is what is given in their site to explain it totally – TwitStamp allows you to use your current Twitter status anywhere – in the form of an image. This means you can post your status on blogs, forums, websites… wherever you want! You can follow “twitstamp” on Twitter for the latest news and updates. Following us will also allow you to use TwitStamp even if your profile is private. Please @reply us any bugs or glitches you may find. If you like the service, please click the donate button below!

It is helpful to use this tool as a signature in mails or your status message in websites. Also this is available in various colors and formats to use, rather than just the standard color of black. The woody background one also looks cool to use.

I tried every possible way to extract various types of images and stamps from it and it just made me enjoy with those. But the best part of it is that its not a standard image, but is an image that updates whenever i post a new update to twitter, or when i change something in my profile, including the profile image.

Here are some examples –


  1. Looks better than the normal thing.

  2. this looks good.

  3. it can not support Chinese. may you update it? thanks.

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