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How to view hidden folders in Mac OS X – Terminal application

There are some hidden folders by default in Mac that may eat some of your space in hard drive and sometimes they becomes hidden due to some applications.
If you want to view every hidden folder of file, in you Apple macbook i.e. Mac OS X then follow these steps –

Go to your applications folder > then to utilities
Here you would find the terminal application, open it.
It’s just like the cmd run in windows and the function you enter in it is acted upon by the Mac OS.

Then enter these 2 phrases one after the other, by separating with usage of return key in middle.

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

killall Finder

This would make it look like this –

This will make every hidden file in your mac hard drive visible and you can have a check on that.
And again if you want to switch back to the normal version, where the hidden files are hidden and not viewable, then enter these 2 lines one after the other –

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE

killall Finder

It would look like –

Remember that it is a safe way as the folders would not at all be effected when you are viewing them or hiding them back.


  1. So nothing can be hidden now? :p

  2. Hi! Just solved this problem. To access hidden folders, on the desktop menu bar Go/Go To Folder, then in the dialog window type:

    /folder’s name

    And the folder will open automatically on your desktop.

    For example I was looking for the folder “private,” in the window I typed:


  3. Hey thanks Mary

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