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Yahoo Logo Changes

There was a change made a month back by Google where they changed the favicon from the upper case to Lower case letter “g” and this had made huge controversy already.

And now its time for Yahoo to show some change in their dress-up and so, the logo is changed into purple color from the standard red color.
As reported in Techcrunch, i thought it might be better to check it myself, and i think its still not changed all over.
I could still take a glimpse of it and the font is changed a bit and he color changed to purple, looks pretty cool and attractive!

Here is the old logo that Yahoo! is using since years –
Yahoo logo

And here is the new Yahoo! logo –

yahoo new logo

Which one do you feel is better?


  1. Phil Benwell :

    The red one reminds me too much of the 90’s. I like the new one, a change but not a big one. Nice one Yahoo!

    Phil Benwells last blog post..Rockfuse Contest

  2. Same way, did you observe that Google has changed their Favicon!

    Life is Colourfuls last blog post..How to Evaluate Quality of Text link?

  3. Yep Life is Colourful, the favicon was changed around a month ago :)

  4. The red one still look striking. Still prefer the red type.

    David Cheong

    David Cheongs last blog post..Lets Chitika help to sell your ad space with AdPro

  5. Thanks for this post, I didn’t know about this. Will give you it a mention on my forum!

    Michael Dunlops last blog post..Creating Website Buttons Using Photoshop

  6. I like the new one.. Nothing. Just want it. :D

    Husseins last blog post..What Motivates You To Blog?

  7. I still like the old one. The red color is like a part of their brand, why do they need to change it in the first place. Also, Google’s new favicon looks highly unprofessional.


    Sahil Guptas last blog post..Some Great Blogs I Frequent

  8. komodo dragon :

    yes … both Google and yahoo have given themselves a new look …

  9. Travel blog :

    The second one is better ofcourse.
    i also noticed change in google favicon !!

    Travel blogs last blog post..Tips for overseas travel

  10. UniqueMusic :

    I don’t like this change! For google, too!

  11. I like the purple one better. It’s bolder and more dramatic.

  12. i liked the earlier one, the red color yahoo logo was much better and has become a trademark.
    even the google logo change to the small g dosent look good.

  13. I like the red colour :)

  14. Red is better.

  15. Hey You know what

    Check out

    Even they changed their logo today

    but i dont know if its for today or for long

  16. ThreeYearsLate :

    I like the old one. I’m old school, and I don’t like logo changes. The brand is the brand, Apple’s should always be the apple silhouette with a bite taken out of it, IBM’s should always be the three striped letters, and Coca-Cola should always be that old-style script. Plus, red is a classic primary color, and purple is some goofy color more appropriate for candy.

  17. I dont like it.

  18. Did not even notice the change.

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