15 best daily use free Mac Applications

There are hundreds of useful applications available for Mac OS X, spread for various categories like webmastering, networking, security, web connectivity, documentation etc. But having loads of applications, of every type is not worth it. Just have the best apps and that”s enough for you to make your mac run well. We earlier had suggested a list of the best apple macbook applications.

Here is the list I suggest for everyone to download and use in their mac, and these apps usually come to use daily –

System and security

Antivirus Programs –

iAntivirus LogoiAntivirus – IAntivirus is only a Mac specific kind of anti virus. This means that it can only detect and destroy threats that only attack Macs. Although this ensures that the antivirus’ database is free from clatter, it effectively locks out other systems which are not Macs. More about iAntivirus for mac and download.

Clamxav Antivirus – It is a simple but strong antivirus program for Mac OS X that can check for viruses and help you remove them. You can scan individual files, or entire folders and then set a quarantine folder for the infected files to be rested at. Check out more about Clamxav Antivirus and download.

Clean hard drive –

MacCleaner – This macbook application helps in cleaning all the junk files to make the speed performance of mac better. Features include cleaning of Browser cookies and history, User and system logs, User and system cache, Temporary files from instant messengers, file sharing, e-mail clients, FTP clients, RSS clients, and VoIP clients, Universal binaries, Not Used Localizations. Check more about MacCleaner and download.

Backup tool –

SuperDuper – It creates fully bootable backup of our Macintosh drive, and its built-in scheduler makes it trivial to back up automatically, lessening our burden of manual backup everytime. Its the most advanced and easy to work macbook application to make clones of the disk we are using. A boot drive can be easily cloned to another drive or image file. Check more about SuperDuper and download.


Twitter Client –

Bluebird – Bluebird is an awesome app for mac users with some amazing features that would make it one of the best clients for mac twitter. It has all the features for multiple users, amazing themes, and better twitter experience. Its an independent app and doesn’t require adobe air to run. More about Bluebird and download.

Chat client – Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk, MSN

Adium – The best instant messaging chat client for Mac OS X. It works with many services like Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Myspace IM and many more. And its multilingual, working in many languages. It is fully customizable and things like themes, icons etc. can be changed to make its look better. Check more about Adium and download.

Calls and conferencing –

Skype – It is a chat and call conferencing client which is available for all the operating systems and the latest 2.8 Gold version for Mac OS X is the most advanced one with features like Screen sharing, Skype access and much more new features. Check more about Skype for mac and download.

Other applications

Bittorrent Client –

uTorrent – One of the best bittorrent clients which have proved to be better than other ones in mac like limewire, transmission etc. Includes a few good features like bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT etc. Its a light-weight and fast app and eats lesser load on the memory while being used in the background. – Check more info about uTorrent and download.

FTP Client –

Cyberduck – Cyberduck is a FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files & Amazon S3 Browser for Mac OS X. Its the best software for file transfer and communication with the web server, for the webmasters who want to build web pages, upload files to server and much more functions. Check more about Cyberduck and download.

Email client –

Postbox – It is a free email client for Mac which helps in getting things done through the casino online application, more than just managing, organizing and reading emails. Apart from that, Postbox has lots of options for users to make it a complete email reader, manager and organizer. More about Postbox and download.

Zip and rar extractor –

UnrarX – This app helps in extracting any zipped or archived file of .zip or .rar format. And also helps in creating the archive files from multiple files or folders, functioning similarly to the Winzip and Winrar which are the solutions for windows. Archives which are password protected can also be extracted. Check more about UnrarX and download.

PDF Reader –

Skim – This is a free PDF reader and note-taker application for Mac OS X. Printing everything just takes off your time, skimming is the best. And its so called Skim. Usually for the PDF and image reading, Mac OS X comes by default with Preview application but Skim comes really handy for better note taking and PDF reading all together. Check about Skim and download.

Mac app update notifier –

App Update Widget – This tiny mac applications version update notifier named App Update Widget helps you check for all the applications” update and lets you know if any app needs to get updated to the latest version. It opens in the mac dashboard and is light-weight app widget. Check more about the mac app update widget and download.

Image editor –

Seashore – Seashore is an interesting and capable Open Source bitmap graphics program in Cocoa for OS X. It has full support for the GIMP”s native XCF file format, layers with around 20 merging effects, support for every image file type, and a good alternative to the heavy photoshop app. Read more and download.

Audio recorder –

Audacity – The free, open-source sound recorder for Mac and other platforms, helps in recording live audio with perfect quality, cutting and mixing of sounds, editing .wav and .mp3 files, and remove any background noise which disturbs the recorded voice. Know more about Audacity for mac, and download.


There are many apps in every category, but after using all, these are the best in every category which i use daily in my mac, and they provide the most of what we need. If you feel am missing out some important apps in there, do let me know through comments.


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