15 Free iPhone Games to become an iPhone gamer

Gaming in iPhone is on the run and it would still rise when the 3G version is released. Here are a few games that you would love playing in an iPhone, and easy to download and install. Check out them, and i would back this with more lists later.

apple iphoneiPhone Battleship
This game can be played online, and 2 players of different places can play this together. Options include creating a private game, or joining a public game.

iPhone Brick Shooter
A very simple game where you gain points by breaking bricks. Break as many bricks as you can and gain more points.

iPhone Duck Hunt
This game is a super cool one with you as the shooter and you have to hunt and shoot the flying ducks. One of the favorite games for many iPhone users and gamers.

iPhone Horse Racing
A game where you can race with your horse, stimulation of bets on the horse races, and much more action. Filled with great graphics, so very entertaining game.

iPhone iTiles
A basic memory game, which a layman can also understand but is tough and challenging later. You have to uncover the tiles and match the similar tiles.

iPhone Knock Out
Throw all your anger on the iPhone. You have to tap the phone screen and this would punch the opponent standing there. You just would not punch, but will also have to doge his hits during the game.

iPhone Poker
One of the best for casino lovers. You can’t leave the game when you are not on the original table. Casino slot machine type poker gaming for casino players.

iPhone Scrabble
Guessing a word from alphabets. Here, you would get a few alphabets and you have to guess a good word from the alphabets, and that too in the shortest time. A good mind-burning game.

iPhone Solitaire
A general card game for iPhone. Similar to what you play on Mac or windows computer but built for the phone interface.

iPhone Space Wars
Fight for yourself in the space. You can go single player or a huge multiplayer game can include 120 players all fighting together in the galaxy.

iPhone Word Spell
One more word guessing game. You have to arrange letters and form words and in the least time to win.

iPhone Add It Up
A game where you are given a set of numbers and a final number, and you have to play with those number and find the simplest way to reach the destination answer.

iPhone Chicken And Eggs
Don’t let the eggs fall down. Falling eggs are to be caught in the given container and avoided from being broken when they reach the ground. Catch as many eggs as you can.

iPhone iTouch
A game to test your touch on the phone and to test the screen interface. Target is displayed on the screen and you have to point your target with your finger.

iPhone Maze
Find your way to the destination from one point to the other point through the random mazes that are given by the computer.


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