The 3 Expected Apple iPhone Killer Devices Rumored with Android OS

Apple disappointed its fan with the launch of the iPhone 4S which had nothing changed in the design, though the Siri was something no one would have entertained more with, but still Android OS has partners with the mobiles which could compete very well with the iPhone. The Galaxy S II is one of the best around, and is giving a hard time to the iPhone 4S already in the market, but the other brands won’t stop themselves from screwing down Apple and its iPhone (which is lame, as Apple already got 4 Million iPhone 4S sales in a weekend).

Here are the few rumored devices coming with the Android OS, and which have all the capabilities to hit the iPhone hard with their specifications:

Samsung Nexus Prime

The Samsung Nexus Prime is an expected phone, to launch on October 27th by Samsung and Google together, as it is coming with the new version of Android, i.e. the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The Nexus Prime, which is also called as the Galaxy Nexus would come with the 4.65-inch capacitive touchscreen and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. The Prime comes with the 8-Megapixel camera with a 1080p HD video recording capability. Connectivity enabled in it would be the 4G LTE network connectivity and apart from all this, Samsung has included a 2050mAh battery which would certainly increase the battery life of the phone to a higher level.
This would definitely be one of the best iPhone killers right now, as the real upgraded version of iPhone is not yet launched and the Nexus Prime has everything better than the former.

samsung nexus prime

The Samsung Galaxy S III

The next big beast would beat the earlier versions of Galaxy S, then why won’t it beat the iPhone? The phone is rumored to come with a larger screen, i.e. the 4.6-inch Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen, a little smaller than the current Galaxy Note. The screen resolution is said to be 1280 x 720 pixels with a gorilla glass display. It is said to come with 12-Megapixel camera capturing pictures with a resolution of 4000×3000 pixels. It comes with options like AutoFocus, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) etc. and the front camera would be a good 2-Megapixel one for the video conferencing.
According to the sources, the S III would be powered by 1.8GHz dual-core processor and Samsung Exynos 4212 chipset. With the Android OS, the support for many apps, flash is always there and there would be the inclusion of Near Field Communication too in the Galaxy S III. The phone is expected to be into the market in the 3rd quarter of 2012, and this might be the same time when Apple launches the next version of the iPhone.

samsung galaxy s iii specs

HTC Rezound

The Rezound is another device with a name confusion, where it was earlier called the HTC Vigor but the Rezound is the better pronounced and recognized one, although in the rumors. There is nothing talked about the launch, but its expected to be out into the market in the next few months. The device is rumored to have a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen with a 1280×720 pixels screen resolution, and the HTC Sense v3.5 User Interface, HTC being one of the best interface designers for the Android phones. It is said to come with the 8-Megapixel camera with the picture resolution of 3264×2448 pixels and would have the AutoFocus and dual-LED flash on the rear side. The camera would have a capability to record videos at the 1080p HD quality. It would be powered by the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and comes with the 1.5GHz dual-core processor.

htc rezound

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