3 ways to download Youtube videos from Safari browser

There are quite many tools available online to download youtube videos, and quite good different ways like Javascript in address bar to download, pwn youtube, trick to download youtube videos in Google chrome and many more. But for users of Mac who browse the web through Safari, there are a few useful ways through which you can download the youtube videos. Here they are –

Download using the Activity window while the video loads –

This is one of the easiest ways to download the youtube video from Safari browser, in which just a couple clicks while viewing the video can help you download it. Check this download youtube video from Safari tutorial. Its easy, but make sure that you don’t mess it up. And the video is available only in .flv mode, and not any other. So if you want to have it optimized for your iPhone or iPod, you would need a video converter for that.

Safari extensions have arrived –

With the release of the new Safari browser version 5.0, the availability of extensions and its installation is possible now. One of the extensions available helps you with the download of youtube videos with just a click. Its another easy way, but you would need to be updated to the latest Safari browser, and have the extension running. Check this tutorial on how to install Safari extensions.

Use the Safari bookmarklets –

There is a safari bookmarklet which you can place in your toolbar, to just click and start the download of the video, when the video is being loaded. It will lead you to a link of mp4 version download.
Drag this below bookmarklet link to your toolbar –

Download YouTube mp4 File

These are the best and easy ways to download the youtube videos from Safari browser both in mac and in windows.

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