What does 4G Connectivity mean for the Mobile Gamer?

The tech world has been awash with excitement over the introduction of 4G and 4G LTE, and rightly so! 4G is the fourth generation of cellular signal for mobile devices and blows the measly 3mbps of 3G out of the water with 10mbps. This is great for everyone using mobile devices, whether you prefer phones or tablets. But the community most vocal in their joy are the gamers. Everyone has downtime; the moments sat on the bus or train commuting to and from work, or the lunchtimes spent on online gaming sites, gambling on mobiles so that the boss doesn’t catch you using your work computer!

Xperia Play 4G gaming device

All of that just got a whole lot more user friendly thanks to 4G. In simple terms 4G offers mobile devices

  • Increased speeds of data transfer
  • Faster response times
  • Less likelihood of network congestion

What does all of this mean though to the fans of online mobile gaming?

The speed of page loading means that gaming really is ‘real time’. For fans of games such as Call of Duty this means never missing a shot at the enemy and, if poker is your thing, then never missing that crafty hand.

The mobile gaming industry really exploded with the likes of COD, Draw Something and Ladbrokes poker. These multi-level games rely heavily on having a continued and consistent connection to the internet. For fans of mobile gambling, the introduction of 4G means that rather than playing against the house, you can play multiplayer games with people throughout the UK. The reduction in lag and the improvement of latency leads to the user experience on multi-player games being vastly improved. It certainly has brought the possibility of live video gambling/gaming whilst on the move much closer to reality. The impact this casino online has on mobile gambling would be huge, meaning that the opportunities for fans to play at any time not just when at home is a real possibility.

Like any newly rolled-out technology there have been glitches with usability, though this comes from the simple fact that the service has not been rolled out countrywide, so there are cities where it’s not available.

How will the introduction of 4G improve your mobile gaming experience?

Seamless quality of networking is always helpful, not just during the gaming but also when you are trying to download large files and networking for your business with professionals around the world, specifically when you are on-the-go. For gaming, the 4G speeds would be highly beneficial for the multiplayer online gaming.
The live gaming would need both the upload and download speed to be at a great pace, and the 4G connectivity would be the best to do that perfectly because of the speeds touching at least 21 Mbps on the active networks, where there is no glitch in the connectivity when you are gaming.

In terms of hardware, the 4G could be used to make a gaming console more powerful, and there are number of ways to do that. That can be either through a built-in receiver, which is less practical for stationary devices, or through wireless hotspot technology provided by exterior devices.

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