4G LTE High-speed Wireless Network Services in India from January 2012

4g lte serviceU.S. has the 4G LTE service already available since a few months in many places, and now India too would be experiencing the same speed wireless internet service but at limited places initially. Although the 3G service has not yet come to all the places within India, and the plans too being very high, the entry of 4G service in India won”t be very interesting for many, but still a step towards the advancement in technology. Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are the states which would see the 4G service available soon.

Augere, a company from U.K. has won the Broadband Wireless Access in India for Madhya Pradesh state last year, and so this would be the first company to introduce the 4G service in India, although the talks are that Reliance too would be introducing the LTE service in some parts of Maharashtra in the beginning of 2012. Zoosh would be the name used to best online casino brand the service in India. The first city to get the 4G LTE service in India would be Bhopal, which would be followed by a few cities like Indore, Raipur, Gwalior and Durg, later on the other cities would be covered. Ericsson would be the company handling the network roll-out and maintenance of the 4G service in India, provided by Augere. The 4G would be supported by 3G, so that the areas where the 4G network is not available, there the 3G services would be chosen automatically and the network connection would be maintained.

Lars Stork, chief executive officer of Augere Wireless broadband India said –

“We are delighted to be one of the first wireless broadband service providers to announce our plans for the launch of 4G services in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. LTE is a new technology that will enable us to offer high speed and a quality customer experience through 4G wireless broadband services”.

The other providers who have won the auctions but still didn”t announce the plans and pricing of the 4G service include Aircel, Tikona Wireless, Airtel and Qualcomm. The LTE services from these network providers would probably come into the scene once they have covered the 3G service provision in most of the targeted areas. Augere has mentioned that the cost of the service would be something similar to what it costs for 3G service from other network providers, but there won”t be any unlimited plans because there were many instances when the unlimited 3G plans were misused and this had led to loss of revenue.

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