The 5 Best Cloud Computing Tips for New Users

cloud computing securityCloud computing services have become incredibly popular in recent years, especially among large, international companies that are looking for a more effective solution to handling data storage and transfers. Many companies are turning to computing on the cloud in order to streamline their operations, and with the more frequent use come more problems. Here are some tips to help you in your efforts to use cloud computing as a means of streamlining operations for your company:

Considering a Private Cloud

Consider a private cloud when looking for an alternative to your IT data center infrastructure, as they make it easy for you to control you flow of information on a private cloud server. You can find virtualization, chargeback, metering, self-service, and automatic workload management services when working with clouds, and you can use all of these different building blocks to organize your company’s new IT infrastructure. Of course it would be higher at costs than the normal shared clouds, but what you get from the private cloud is entirely different and at a higher level, with many superior options.

Ensure Security for the cloud

Make sure to have good security for your cloud system, as there is likely to be a number of attempts to penetrate your security. Seeing as the information is not being stored within your physical facilities but is being stored on a cloud hosting service, the information is in a much more public place. The intrusion detection system that you use with your cloud service will be important, as only a good system will be able to protect your data from the many attempts made to steal it.

Make Sure the Team Knows about Security

Ensure that your employees and coworkers are fully aware of the proper security measures they need to take when storing information on the cloud. While the security system that you casino use for your cloud storage service will be important, just as important will be everyone taking the proper steps to ensure that data is stored and accessed safely. Just as employees need to store information carefully on their computers or on your company’s server, so too should they practice proper data storage safety when working with a cloud service. Even if a single person in the team has less information on how to keep things secure and safe, the entire cloud is open for attacks and can get into problems any time.

Utilize the Open Source Tools

Try using open source tools to help you manage the files you access and save to the cloud. Open source software is free, but they are proving to be incredibly important in helping you to control the information that you have on the cloud. Tools like Eucalyptus and OpenNebula will all make using the cloud service easier, and you should research how to use these tools effectively. Every hosting and computing service comes with several options of customization and to make things look better, and similar is the case with Cloud computing too.

Building a Private Cloud

Why not consider building your own private cloud? While it will be quite a monstrous task for your IT team, you may find that it will be the only way for you to be certain that your cloud service is 100% secure. You can find software that will help your IT team create the cloud much more easily, and this could be the solution that you need for keeping your company’s data completely secure.

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  1. I’d love to build my own cloud…I wonder what software will be out to facilitate this over the next few years. Researching Eucalyptus and OpenNebula to try and bring myself up-to-date!

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