5 Tips to Creating an Amazing Cover Photo for Facebook Timeline

Facebook, the most popular online social networking platform that has captured millions and millions of members introduced a new way to showcase your profile. Member profile pages look astounding with  covers that really give impact to a profile page. With millions of users whose Facebook accounts have now been migrated and transformed to the more modern looking profile page layout and system called timeline, plenty of users are getting into the trends of creating interesting cover photos that can capture the attention of network members.
Make your timeline cover photos fun and interesting. Here are five tips on creating an amazing cover photo for your profile page:

facebook timeline cover

This timeline cover by Manoj Varghese Mathew is an example of how creative you can be, to make it the most attractive place in your timeline.

Match the Personality

Think of a theme that will suit your character best. Would you like to project a professional look? A sporty look? Do you want to feature your family, or perhaps your work? There are plenty of images that you may feature on your profile cover photo. Take note that the cover photo is the most prominent space or section on your profile page. You would surely want to make this section interesting and of course would also want to feature images that reflect your personality.

Choose the Correct Capture Mode – Panorama

The profile cover photo is a landscape in orientation. When choosing images and working on the photo layout, check to see if your images will look better in landscape orientation. Photos taken in panoramic view somehow look great as a cover photo. Make the images vivid, crisp, and let elements of your photo stretch throughout the whole length of the layout.

Make Announcements though the Cover

You may use your photo to communicate and showcase not only images but graphic texts as well. Change your cover photos periodically to serve as an announcement board for your recent and upcoming activities. The Facebook cover photo on your profile page makes a great medium to announce brand and marketing activities to keep your audience and customers posted on your events and other promotional offers.

Crisp, Clean and Impressive

Make your design and layout crisp and clean. Remember that this is the first section that your viewers or profile visitors will see once they visit your profile page. A cluttered look may not be too appealing to your readers. A clean and crisp design will most definitely be soothing to the eye and will encourage your readers or profile visitors to browse through the rest of your profile page.

 Unique, Interesting and Engaging

Make your cover photo unique, interesting, and engaging. Add impact to your profile page by adding a cover photo that will showcase a vivid and interesting image. Make it look fun. Always stay within the character or personality that you want your profile to have. Your cover photo should also be able to relate to your viewers of social network members.

When creating a cover photo for your Facebook profile page or other social media networking accounts, who may choose to upload an image that you want to feature or come up with a design that will contain an announcement or message that you want to convey to your network members. Make your cover photo fun and interesting and design an image that will reflect your personality.

One of the best ideas to make the timeline cover photo useful is by making it a place for any announcement, especially when it is too professional or too personal. Announce any parties and invite people through the cover, or announce your engagement.

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