7 reasons why Google Chrome OS will fail?

google logoAs most of the people in Tech world have seen, Google introduced the Google Chrome OS yesterday. And many still have questions in their mind. That certainly won’t be answered by Google too, at present. Google chrome OS is surely going to create buzz due to the present popularity that Google has, but will Google be able to hold the buzz and convert it into potential OS users for long?

Here are a few things i state to hold the reasons why the Google Chrome OS won’t be a hit –

Launch date still far

The actual launch is during the 2nd half of 2010, and till then Windows is already coming with Windows 7, the newer and sleekier version of Windows which is said to be lot better than Vista, and if it goes pretty well noted, then people are not going to lose faith in Windows very early. Let Google launch the OS, most of the windows users won’t care until they see something pre-installed in a new netbook.

No charge, really upto expectations?

As Google already said, the OS is going to be free of cost. But people who look for something good, never look for the pricing. The fact that FREE products usually pull in more users, can sometimes go wrong too. There are many web-savvy who expect the best, although they have to pay for it. If the OS won’t fulfill all the expectations, no one would care if its going to be free or paid one.

Not all computer users are web-savvy

The Chrome OS is coming for netbooks and users who are using the web very frequently. But how many people of that kind would you find? Webmasters usually would not go for netbooks, as they demand for higher configuration PCs, and the regular people who surf the web a lot, would also not buy a netbook because they won’t find any entertainment in those small and low-value PCs that don’t look too geeky. Left behind are the business people, who use the netbooks for their small business work. How much percentage they would be making in total?
Even many netbook users complaint when they see even Linux preinstalled, as most of them have been using Windows always, and won’t be happy to see any change in the OS.

Apple users not at all going to be affected

Not my thought but i agree with Techcrunch saying it, that the launch of Google Chrome OS would make minimum impact on Apple’s Mac OS as it targets netbooks and apple has not yet released anything like the netbooks or tablet PCs, so what Apple releases in the gadget market would be still coming in with the Mac operating system. So it should be Microsoft that is being targeted, and as i said already, Windows users can’t easily change their mind for the new OS.

Browser can be good when lite, but not an Operating system

After the release of Google chrome browser, it got good response from users and many people switched their browsers permanently due to its light and fast interface, and this is seen with many netbook users who use Windows XP. But that was just a browser. Releasing a light version of operating system, and making it work with every feature that a user wants and expects, is not easy. Am sure Google won’t be able to bring in everything that a regular user would expect. If they are there, the OS would already be heavy enough to be comparable with Windows.
And its web-based, so its not a complete operating system that one would love to use for long-term.

google fail

Google’s multi-sided view decreases concentration

Why don’t Google think about single thing, rather than going every way trying to monopolize the web? Their search engine is being challenged by Bing(newly launched by Microsoft, which is getting quite popular), and most of their apps except a few are still in beta stage, which makes people feel that they might be developing those apps more, but nothing new is seen since long, except in Gmail.
If they are the same with the operating system too, the OS would be in beta stage for years, and would be a definite flop. I already am taking it as an experiment from Google rather than a perfect launch. They have introduced it just to reduce the buzz of coming Microsoft Cloud OS.

Google, you don’t own the web!

The way google is just announcing new things around, and not moving to the next steps, no one would expect anything better from them. Why didn’t you still release the final version of Chrome browser for Mac and Linux? Why are guys ignoring the previously pending stuff and trying to just get into everything new? Just to show that you can monopolize the web by having a name in every field? You can’t win fans by this way. Microsoft is a lot better, as it has something to say about: We do what we promise.

I love Google and its search engine, gmail and other products but i don’t like the way Google Chrome OS is coming and is introduced. The expectations that i had with other products of Google are not with the OS.


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