7 Time-Saving Tools and Services for Techies & Bloggers

save time moneyIf you have felt like you cannot fathom a way to get some free time from the stress of your work, then you are certainly not the only one to feel that way. In the hustle and bustle of modern society, many people find it difficult to get a some spare time for themselves. So, how would you feel if there were time-saving services and tools out there just waiting to be discovered? Well, in fact, there are thousands of such services and tools available right now and this list will provide you with seven of the best.

Search Engine Optimization – Use KeywordSpy.com

Keyword Spy in a nutshell is an Internet marketing tool used to find the best and most effective keywords for your website, including those used by the best sites out there and your competitors. With feedback that includes describing it as ‘invaluable’ and the ‘best tool for anyone’, plus a client list that includes American Express, IBM and Toyota, you know already that Keyword Spy is an effective tool to have in your armory for your Internet marketing quest.

Outsourcing – Use Freelancer.com

With a wide variety of skilled contractors available in professional fields such as design, writing and programming, Freelancer.com is a great service provider if you are looking to outsource work. Not only can it help in saving time, Freelancer.com can also help in saving you money. For example, a company could quote you a four-figure sum to carry out a web design job, whereas a contractor on Freelancer.com can offer a comparable service at a fraction of that figure.

Legal – Use BatesExpress.com

Seen as a menial task by professionals that have to do it, manual Bate numbering is a process that includes stamping Bates to all relevant documents every day. Thankfully, a solution in the form of Bates Express has dispelled any need to have to apply Bates manually. A simple tool that will apply a digital Bate to any type of document you require, Bates Express is great time-saver.

Accounting – Use QuickBooksOnline.Intuit.com

Used by over 200,000 businesses, QuickBooks Online is a simple-to-use service for accounting. QuickBooks Online saves you time, money and data, plus it gives you the freedom of accessing your account virtually anywhere.

Translation – Use Babylon.com

If your work or business has an international scope, then chances are that you will have to translate all relevant text into a language applicable to the country you are targeting. Babylon 9 is the latest product from the experienced Babylon.com team and offers you document and webpage translation, access to over 2,000 dictionaries/glossaries and seamless integration into Microsoft Office.

Intranets – Use Bitrix.com

Although not commonly known outside of Russia, Birtix is an essential tool when it comes to building an intranet within a business. With Bitrix Intranet 10 in place and a proficient programmer at hand, an Intranet could be effectively set up and running within the space of two days.

Branding – Use PickyDomains.com

Devised back in 2007, PickyDomains.com is an intuitive service provided to budding website owners that are struggling to devise a domain name to use. Risk-free and with over 1,500 domains selected to their name so far, PickyDomains.com has proven to be an invaluable service for many.

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David Deprice works for BenePark.com, world’s first domain parking service that puts original content on parked domains, turning them into live websites that get updated regularly. 90% of domains that are accepted into BenePark’s system generate at least $5 dollars in ad revenue each month. Some restrictions apply.

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